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How to keep healthy in autumn 2018

It's getting cooler day by day, summer is coming to an end, and autumn's pace is getting closer and closer. So health preservation is on the agenda. How to keep healthy in autumn 2018? How to keep healthy in autumn? What is good for health in autumn? Let's get to know.

What to eat for health preservation in autumn

It's mainly metabolized food, mostly vegetables. Many people start to eat meat dishes when the weather gets cold, such as beef and mutton. In fact, it can't be like this. People will catch fire if they supplement too much at one time.

1. Strong kidney plant: okra to say the efficacy of vegetables, now the most famous to number okra. It has yellow flowers and a little pepper like fruit. It is fried with oil, especially with scrambled eggs. It's delicious. This kind of vegetable is not very common, but it's getting a good reputation recently. Why? According to the research of scientists, the effect of okra on strengthening the kidney and strengthening the body is very common in vegetables.

2. The vitamin C content of cauliflower is 3-4 times higher than that of Chinese cabbage and soybean sprout, and 2 times higher than that of citrus. Traditional Chinese medicine has always said that "white into the lung", white cauliflower is a timely health care vegetable, which can not only prevent respiratory diseases such as cold, but also a very good blood vessel cleaning agent. The content of iodine in lettuce is high, which is good for the basic metabolism and physical development of human body. The nutrition of lettuce leaf is much higher than that of lettuce stem. People who are easy to cough in autumn often eat lettuce leaf to calm their cough.

3. Leek is rich in carotene, protein, sulfide and dietary fiber. Eating leek can play a unique role in relieving food stagnation, eliminating accumulation and strengthening spleen, promoting appetite. It has the functions of stimulating appetite, improving digestion, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that coriander has the function of warming the stomach and strengthening the stomach. Eating coriander properly can relieve the symptoms of stomach pain and dyspepsia.

4. Honey moistens intestines: honey has the functions of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, moistening lung and tonifying deficiency, moistening intestines and defecating stool, detoxifying drugs, nourishing temper and pleasing color. Honey can be directly mixed into warm water for drinking, or mixed with fresh juice. Dig out the core of Sydney, pour in honey to cover and steam, which can supplement the deficiency of lung yin. It is also very good to add honey to cold dishes such as cold tomato; honey can also be mixed with seasonal fruits, with delicious taste.

5. Yam invigorates the spleen: take some yam before tonifying in autumn and winter, which is more conducive to the absorption of tonic. Chinese yam has the function of Tonifying the spleen and stomach, especially suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach before tonifying. Will yam, jujube 20 grams, japonica rice porridge, spleen Runfei.

What to keep healthy in autumn

Mainly for the body, lungs, stomach and skin. The air is getting drier and drier. Many people will eat a lot of heavy taste to keep themselves warm. In fact, it is not good for the body.

1. Autumn belongs to gold in the five elements and lung in the five viscera. At this time, the natural Yang Qi gradually recedes, the Yin Qi grows, the rain is gradually less, the weather is relatively dry, and the dry climate is very easy to damage the lung yin, resulting in dry mouth and throat, dry cough and less phlegm, dry skin, constipation and other symptoms, the severe ones will also cough with blood, so the health care in autumn should be moist and dry.

2. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Yang in spring and summer, Yin in autumn and winter. Nourishing Yin is also known as "Nourishing Yin" or "Nourishing Yin". After the beginning of autumn, you can eat some Yin nourishing food, such as honey, which can supplement the deficiency of lung yin; lotus seeds, yams, pears, etc. can prevent dryness in autumn from damaging Yin; Cordyceps, American ginseng, etc. are the top products of nourishing yin.

3. In autumn, dryness and evils are the most common causes of lung injury. Black bone chicken, pig lung and so on have the effect of nourishing lung and moistening dryness. Pear can clear heat and detoxify, moisten lung and promote fluid production, stop cough and resolve phlegm. We need to remind you that, due to the dry climate, increasing temperature difference between day and night and other reasons, autumn is the season with high incidence of respiratory diseases, including cold, acute bronchitis, acute attack of chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and so on.

4. It's better to keep your stomach in autumn. After autumn cool, the sun is gradually blazing on the outside, and the Yin is newly born on the inside. The temperature difference between day and night is large, which is the season of high incidence of spleen and stomach disease. Especially for patients with ulcer, they are more likely to relapse, so they should regulate the spleen and stomach. Therefore, people with chronic gastritis or stomach and duodenal ulcer should pay special attention to the warmth of the stomach, add clothes in time, sleep at night and cover the quilt, so as to prevent stomach pain caused by abdominal cold Or aggravate the old disease. In autumn, we should eat less and more food. We should not eat greasy food. We should not eat cold food or raw, cold, unclean fruits. Otherwise, it will cause damp poison in the intestines, resulting in abdominal pain and diarrhea. Therefore, there is a folk saying "autumn melon bad belly".