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What is the price of vivo 23? What is the latest price configuration information of vivo 23

What is the price of vivo 23? What is the latest price configuration information of vivo 23 Recently, vivo officially announced that the new intelligent machine vivo x23 will be released on September 6. With the press conference approaching, the official also released the appearance and configuration information. The most suspense is the price, so what is the price of vivo x23? Let's have a look.

According to the official information of vivo, the launch of new products of vivo x23 was scheduled on September 6 in Yanqi lake, Beijing. At present, vivo official has released the product information and appearance of x23. In terms of appearance, vivo x23 will use a glass back shell with a very light aesthetic design. The back shell will be engraved with 3D phantom Aurora pattern, with two gradual colors of phantom purple and phantom night blue, and a 91.2% super high screen water drop screen is equipped on the front.

In terms of configuration and function, vivo x23 will be equipped with 8 + 128GB super memory as standard, and equipped with super wide-angle and super backlight photo taking technology, while the screen fingerprint technology pioneered by vivo will also evolve to the fourth generation on x23, bringing users more surprise experience in using experience.

The launch of vivo x23, whether it's rich in flowing and changeable appearance, ultra-thin body, extreme hi fi, beautiful self portrait and screen fingerprint, is an exploration of vivo's fashion direction, trying to present unique fashion beauty with extreme technology.


The price of vivo x23 is expected to be the same as that of the previous generation vivo X21. The starting price will be 2898 yuan, and the price of vivo x23 with the high configuration version of Xiao Long 710 is likely to be as high as 3598 yuan.