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Tiktok tiktok, video capture skills, how to shoot high-definition video

Tiktok's high popularity video needs not only good content and some necessary shooting skills to make the video more colorful, but what skills do you need to shoot small videos with high tiktok quality? Let's talk about that today.

Tiktok video capture skills

1、 High quality small video shooting - Theme

Although the video is short, only 15 seconds short video, but to complete the content expression in 15 seconds, it really needs skills.

So what video content wants to express should be thought out first.

The style of small video is more free, but it should be well defined. It can be funny, silly, dynamic, boring, flat, moving, journalistic, joking & hellip; & hellip.

It's not easy to express a small theme in 15 seconds!

Two, tiktok quality video capture - equipment Chapter

1. Main shooting standby -- mobile phone, SLR, micro single, mini camera, professional camera

With the development of science and technology, professional equipment that we didn't dare to think of before has also been seen everywhere, with a very high popularity rate, such as professional SLR, professional camera, etc., but here, we should know and study, naturally, the shooting of mobile phones. Mobile photography and beauty features have been comprehensive and professional, with the film, professional, mobile photography even 80 year old woman can operate freely! Mobile devices and applications will not be discussed here!

2. SLR / micro single camera

Now every family has SLR or micro single. No matter you are forced to use it or the old mage, you must know some basic skills. At least the SLR technology, which is not detailed here, can't finish writing a book, just to tell you that this is now a professional tool for many short video shooting.

3. DV camera

This one doesn't need to be expanded. Some people use it, and those who don't use it, use mobile phones!!

3、 High quality small video shooting skills

Shooting skills:

1, hands tiktok, focus at all times; how to keep mobile phone from shaking, we will introduce in next article, "anti noise video production of small voice production", please look forward to it!

2, mobile phone tiktok will be compressed because what you want to upload will be blurred.

How to tiktok the high-definition video tiktok and shoot the high-definition video method.

3. A lot of big gods are basically DV, SLR and then the video into the show, so to show people a very powerful, high-definition;

4. Choosing the right file format is very important for mobile phones. For example, if you buy a 1080p mobile phone, you can shoot 1080p video. High definition mobile phone is high-definition video. If you buy a 1080p mobile phone, remember to adjust the resolution to 1080p;

5. At the same time, later modification and production are indispensable.

6. How to photograph the long legs of a beautiful woman is a key issue that many girls pay attention to. In fact, it's very simple. As long as the camera is lowered, it's better to stick it on the ground and put a good distance, then you can see the long legs. Nani? I am a big stupid elephant leg, so I can only repair later!!

Tiktok: 7, no way to shoot even the video. Never mind, you can clip a short segment. You should learn to use a less video late stage tool. You can consider learning fast editing, and more professional Adobe Pro. This is not true. It can only be produced by shaking APP.

8, the reason why the jitter is tiktok is that it is necessary to learn to shake and shake everywhere. To shake, we must have good dubbing and music. According to our video style and content direction, we choose good background music, so that the video can grow wings. This depends on the individual's understanding of music, rhythm control and other skills.

Tiktok is going to be uploaded to HD? Buddies can do this in accordance with the above methods.

Four, shoot the tiktok quality video --- advanced articles.

One hero and three gangs, good creation, like-minded team members are of course the best helpers. Two team members can walk and shoot while walking, three team members can make fun of shooting, and five team members can play short films & hellip; & hellip;

However, if there is only a lonely family, how to achieve creation? How shy are people? I'm not afraid to be ashamed. I'd better hide in the room and take photos.

Then professional preparation can help you solve the problem.

If you are not afraid of cost, you can choose professional hand-held stabilizer. There are two kinds of hand-held stabilizer: mobile phone hand-held stabilizer and SLR hand-held stabilizer. Here we talk about mobile phone hand-held stabilizer in particular, because the current mobile phone is too powerful, and the mobile phone app is too powerful. The mobile phone hand-held stabilizer can realize face recognition, and the target can follow the automatic turning, automatic focusing, automatic shooting, 3 60 degree rotation shooting and shooting 360 panoramic image, plus the powerful camera function of mobile phone, will be able to achieve such things as delay shooting, slow door shooting, large aperture background virtual shooting, automatic face recognition fill light, shooting is to complete beauty and so on & hellip & hellip; technology is advanced, so that everyone can become a star in their hearts. As for how to choose, due to the large number of brands, we will not go into details here. The market price is 500-800. Here we mainly recommend AFI mobile phone stabilizer. You can find out by yourself!