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How to tiktok tiktok and cancel the attention method flow

How to tiktok tiktok and cancel the attention method flow

Tiktok tiktok: awfully loud and short, there are many short and fresh videos that make users brush every day. Sometimes they love their video hosts. Let's have a look.

How to cancel the way of shaking? Tiktok:

1. First, we need to register an account with our mobile phone number, and then go to the homepage to find a person you want to follow and click to enter.

2. In his personal page, click the plus sign under the right side of the avatar, and when it changes to "yes".

3. Then click "I" in the lower right corner of the initial interface to see the number of my concerns above and click this position to enter.

4. In my follow page, find the person you want to cancel the follow and click to enter.

5. At this time, you will see an icon that has been followed in his homepage. Click again.

6. When the paid attention icon changes back to the original '+ paid attention' icon, you have become more concerned about it!

The above is how to shake off the attention of the way to introduce, if you do not want to focus on these anchors, tiktok can be cancelled according to the above method.