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What month is the autumn equinox in 2018? Will the weather turn cold after the autumn equinox

What month is the autumn equinox in 2018? Will the weather turn cold after the autumn equinox the autumnal equinox is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China. The autumnal equinox means that the climate really enters the autumn and the autumn is clear. Do you know what day is the autumnal equinox in 2018? Will the weather turn cold after the autumnal equinox? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

What day is the autumn equinox in 2018?

August 14, 1898 (year of dog), September 23, 2018, Sunday.

Points for attention in the autumn equinox:

The autumnal equinox solar term has really entered into autumn. As a solar term with equal time of day and night, people should also follow the law of yin-yang balance in health preservation, so that the body can maintain the principle of "Yin Ping Yang secret". According to the "general theory of truth and truth", we should "observe the location of Yin-Yang and keep it for a long time". There should be no bias in the location of Yin-Yang.

In order to maintain the balance of yin and Yang, we must first prevent the invasion of external evil. In autumn, the weather is dry, and the main external pathogen is dryness. Before the autumnal equinox, there was surplus heat, so it was mostly seen in warm dryness; after the autumnal equinox, the gusts of autumn wind came, making the temperature gradually drop, and the cold gradually became heavy, so there was more cold dryness.

At the same time, the change of dry temperature and cool in autumn is also related to everyone's physique and body reaction. In order to prevent dryness, we must persist in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness and improve disease resistance. In autumn, exercise focuses on lung nourishing and dryness, such as Tuina exercise, kowtowing and throat nourishing and dryness exercise.

In the aspect of diet regulation, we should drink more water and eat fresh and moist food, such as sesame, walnut, glutinous rice, honey, dairy products, pear, etc., which can nourish yin, moisten lung, nourish yin and promote fluid production. Autumn, chrysanthemum crab fat, is the best time for people to taste crabs. But crabs are very cold and not suitable for eating.

In terms of spiritual cultivation, the most important thing is to cultivate optimism and keep a peaceful mind. The old man can reduce his speech and take a long view, so that the melancholy, melancholy and other bad emotions will dissipate. At the same time, after the autumnal equinox, the climate is gradually cool, which is the season of stomach diseases. Gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to cold stimulation. People with chronic gastritis should pay special attention to the warmth of the stomach.