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Tiktok bottle of mineral water to see how the sea caps the mineral water bottle and the sea photogra

Recently, the video of shaking the bottle of mineral water tiktok to see the sea is very hot. So how do we do this kind of shooting method? Interested friends and Xiaobian together to see the mineral water bottle cap to see the sea shooting tutorial.

Tiktok bottle of mineral water and how the sea was photographed

Material preparation: two videos (one is the video of opening the bottle cap and cutting in the lens, the other is the video of beautiful sea or other scenery material after cutting in the lens)

An app (videosoap)

Shooting tutorial:

1. Open the videosoap software;

2. Click + to add the first video of opening the bottle cap.

3. Click the mixer to add the second video

4. Select and fill the second video

5. Select mask 'radial'

6. Drag the second video to the time line of bottle opening

7. Add a key frame, and add one every second. Adjust the size of the material video according to the bottle mouth. It's better to add more keys, and the video will look better.