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Does bullet message support wechat

Does bullet message support wechat Recently, a lot of friends have been swiped by bullet messages. Bullet messages occupy the top of all major app stores, and their popularity is comparable to wechat. Can bullet messages be associated with wechat? How does bullet message relate to wechat? Let's have a look.

Can playing SMS connect with wechat

According to the introduction at the conference, "bullet messaging" is not the exclusive function of nut pro2s. Apple's app store and Android's major app markets provide downloads. According to the latest news, in just a few days, 'bullet message' app has topped the 'free ranking' of Apple's app store, which shows its popularity.

How does bullet message relate to wechat?

1. Open the bullet message app, click personal center in the lower right corner, and click account and security.

2. After entering the account and Security page, you can see the function of [associate third party social account], and open the right button of [wechat account].

3. If you associate with wechat account, you can easily add wechat friends to bullet messages, so that you can better use bullet messages.