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Bet with friends that six abdominal muscles will be practiced in two months, and the kids will go cr

Bet with friends that six abdominal muscles will be practiced in two months, and the kids will go crazy to keep fit and urinate into sauce oil color every fat man has a dream of eight abdominal muscles. Recently, a man bet with his friends that he will have six abdominal muscles in two months. He works hard in the gym every day. However, after a few days of training, he found that his urine has become a sauce color. The doctor diagnosed it as transverse muscle lysis, which also caused acute renal failure

Zhang Chao (pseudonym), 24, works in a design company. He drives to and from work, seldom exercises at ordinary times, and has gained 20 jin recently. Recently, he and his friends bet that if they want to practice six abdominal muscles in two months and lose, they should have a buffet for half a month. Since last week, Zhang Chao has been going to the gym every day for two hours. But on the fourth day, he was shocked when he went to the toilet. The color of urine was very dark, like soy sauce. Later, he couldn't even urinate, so he rushed to Wuhan Central Hospital for treatment. After examination, the doctor found that his creatine kinase was more than 100 times of that of the normal person, diagnosed as rhabdomyolysis, and caused acute renal failure. After hemodialysis treatment, at present, Zhang Chao's condition is basically stable. 'it's my own fault that I was too eager to be successful, so I hurt myself. 'Zhang Chao regrets.

Dr. Chen Wenli, director of the Department of Nephrology of the hospital, said that every year, the hospital receives many patients with rhabdomyolysis. More than half of the patients are caused by sports, most of them are young people who are in shock sports. When the muscle is damaged due to improper exercise, a large amount of myoglobin in the muscle enters the blood. When it is excreted through the kidney, it will block the renal tubules, leading to acute renal failure.

She reminded that weight loss and fitness must be gradual and do not rush to success. If muscle soreness occurs after exercise, it is recommended to stop exercising and drink more water. If the symptoms are not relieved after rest, and there is a decrease in urination, darkening of color or swelling of the body, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid delay.