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This is the start time of the dunk. This is the dunk instructor

In the early days, "this is the slam dunk" also had a great momentum of publicity, coupled with Jay Chou's leadership, as well as the reality show about basketball, which is a program form never seen in China, are very eye-catching. When is this slam dunk on? Who are the mentors? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.

This is when the dunk will be shown

"This is the dunk" will be broadcast on Youku Zhejiang satellite TV at 22:00 p.m. every week from August 25.

"This is the dunk" will be launched soon. On August 22, the program held a pre watching conference in Beijing. Many multimedia reporters and producers shared their views on the first program.

According to Yi Hua, the chief producer of this is the slam dunk, before the show, she knew nothing about basketball. It was through the production of this show that she really understood the charm of basketball. She said that there must be many people who knew nothing about basketball like her before, so the purpose of this is the slam dunk is to enlarge the things that a group of people like into the joy of all people Happy things, so that more people do not understand basketball, can understand it through the program, like it.

Many people wonder why they choose basketball as a competitive sport to do reality shows? After all, no one has created a precedent, which means that there is no reference model to provide reference. All program planning and editing methods are brand-new, and even team running in needs to be explored slowly from scratch. Isn't it too expensive to spend such time on a show that doesn't know what the payoff is? Referring to this problem, Yi Hua said that "this is the slam dunk" is a brain hole formed after communication with Kobe Bryant, and because there is no reference, the data collection before the beginning of the program is mostly focused on basketball documentary. It took more than two years for the brain hole to become a reality, and the edited version exceeded two digits. The program was very difficult to do, but she thought it was worthwhile to get the most favorable comments from the reporters on the spot.

That's who the four slam dunks are

The four leaders of this is dunk are Jay Chou, Lin Shuhao, Li Yifeng and Guo Allen.

At the film conference, everyone enjoyed the performances of four leaders Zhou Jielun, Lin Shuhao, Li Yifeng and Guo Allen, especially Li Yifeng's "variety debut".

Li Yifeng is the first time to take part in variety show, but his performance is also quite terrifying. He was more comfortable with Guo Allen when he was on-site PK. He emphasized that although Guo Allen was younger, he was a little worried. He was the youngest and the best to see. He was really 'laughing fruit' continuously.

This is the slam dunk, as the first large-scale original program of youth basketball competition in China, is expected to compete in basketball with the combination of 'art star + star'. After the first session of the movie, some media people still talk about the "killing time" and "dunk time" that make hormones soar in the movie, and some people call it "real-life" dunk master ".

The program focuses on youth trend culture through basketball, gathers basketball fans from all over the country, and performs the most popular basketball duel. More than 160 young people who love basketball will have multiple basketball matches with 3v3 or 1v1 as the main part of their teams, and then they will be chased out of the champion team with the strongest basketball strength.