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What are the conditions for the drivers of 2018 didi special car to join in? What are the requiremen

What are the conditions for the drivers of 2018 didi special car to join in? What are the requirements of 2018 Didi the appearance of online car Hailing greatly facilitates our travel. Do many friends use didi taxi when they go out, and many friends want to join didi drivers. What are the requirements of didi special car for car models? What are the conditions for didi to become a full-time driver? Let's take a look at it with you.

Conditions for joining didi special car:

At present, there are two types of vehicles for didi special vehicle: express and special vehicle. Generally, the conditions for private cars to enter didi special vehicle are as follows: 1. More than 120000 yuan; 2. Within three years; 3. Within 80000 kilometers; and the image data to be submitted for private cars to enter didi special vehicle, including: 1. Positive and negative ID cards; 2. Bank cards; 3. One original and one copy of driver's license; 4. One original and one copy of driver's license; 5. Compulsory traffic insurance (commercial insurance, 300000 yuan) No deductible for the above, more than 10000 yuan seat insurance.) When taking photos, please take a full picture of the invoice, especially the official seal below should be clear.

The following conditions shall be met to join the driver of didi special vehicle:

1、 Your age is 22-55 for men and 22-50 for women;

2、 You have a C1 or above driving license, and you need to drive for at least three years;

3、 What kind of car didi special car requires, as long as your car age is less than eight years, the naked price is more than 70000 yuan, you can join in, domestic car joint venture can be.

Passenger safety management standard

1. Passenger safety technical support: through the Internet and GPS and other technical means, the whole process supervision of special vehicle service and vehicle driving track is carried out to ensure the personal safety and property safety of passengers in the service process. From the whole service process of passenger ordering to the final payment, the special vehicle can record the whole process.

2. Safety of special passengers: for passengers with special status, such as: disease, disability, pregnant women, children, etc., special service standards shall be formulated to ensure the safety of special passengers.

3. Safety plan: establish a comprehensive, reasonable and legal emergency response plan, establish an emergency response team, and deal with emergency accidents, sudden safety conditions of passengers, natural disasters, etc.

4. Insurance system: the special vehicle platform should provide a perfect insurance system for passengers. In addition to the basic traffic insurance and commercial insurance for each didi and Kuai No.1 special vehicle, we also set up a million level claim fund.

5. Advance compensation guarantee mechanism: Express No.1 special vehicle and didi special vehicle have established passenger's' advance compensation 'fund, and have jointly reached a liability insurance cooperation framework with the insurance company. For accidents occurred in the process of experiencing the service of special vehicle, the fund will pay compensation in advance to relieve passengers' worries. It is a precedent in the transportation industry to apply the "first compensation" system to improve passenger safety and security services.

Main models:

Economic type

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Business type

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