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August 25 the 20th round of CSL Shanghai vs Henan Jianye live broadcast time and Prospect

One game less points in Hong Kong reached 39 points, surpassing Luneng and equalizing Guoan. In this game, they will meet the challenge of the relegation team again. The third from the bottom of the table will use the best defensive counterattack to attack the defense line in Hong Kong. However, in view of the previous four home games against Jianye, and the excellent home game performance this season (9-7, the last four wins), the hope of Shanggang to capture the opponent at home is very high. However, in Hong Kong, there are also some difficulties. The top striker Wu Lei will not be able to play in this game because he was replaced in the last round and was delayed for the fourth yellow card of this season. Jianye's situation is not optimistic. In the last round, he lost in the direct confrontation with his relegation opponent, and suffered three consecutive defeats. In the last five rounds, he lost four games, leaving only two points ahead of the demotion zone. If he is a little careless, he may appear in the penultimate position. With the strength of Jianye, even if he tries his best in the away games, he will not be able to take points from Shanggang, the leader of the scoreboard. Zhang wailong, who knows the way of survival of China Super League, may focus on the next two rounds of competition with Yatai and sway, rather than catch up with Hong Kong's competition.

August 25, 2018 the 20th round of Shanghai Shanggang vs Henan Jianye live broadcast

Match against both sides: the 20th round of Shanghai vs Henan Jianye live broadcast

Start time of live broadcast: 19:35:00, August 25, 2018

Category of the event: CSL live

Competition duration: 2 hours