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How to burn paper in the festival of the Central Plains

Zhongyuan Festival is the 15th day of July in the lunar calendar, also known as the half of July, which is also known as the "Ghost Festival". Zhongyuan Festival is one of the traditional ancestor worship festivals in China. On this day, ancestor worship is to be held, and paper burning is one of the activities to be held on Zhongyuan Festival. So what do you know about the taboo of paper burning on Zhongyuan Festival? You can have a look with Xiaobian.

1. When buying burning paper, don't buy stacks of printing materials. A piece is worth several hundred million yuan. If the money is not real, it's not as valuable as the old rubles and Vietnamese Dong. However, it's not too bad to burn a little while burning a lot of money,

2. To buy straw paper, take a piece of 100 yuan real money and press it on the paper after spreading. Feel that the 100 yuan is a stamp. Cover it from right to left, from top to bottom, row by row until the whole paper is covered. Such burning paper is hard currency below. Only when you have money can you have face.

3. Fold the burning paper well. One knife of burning paper is divided into seven or eight parts, which are folded diagonally twice. Otherwise, a pile of paper would be very difficult to burn. It will be convenient to stack and burn.

4. Before you prepare to burn paper, you'd better prepare a fire engine (it's better to be windproof, it's cloudy and windy on July 15) and a small stick. In this way, it is convenient for you to pull up the pressed burning paper when burning paper, let the air circulate and burn easily. It's a good choice to use the waste mop bar at home, but pay attention to that, don't take it back after use, just throw it away.

5. When it's dark, burn it. When you come to the circuit to burn paper, try to avoid burning paper. Don't step on it. Sometimes a road is full of paper ashes. You can't get around it if you want to, so you have to be careful.

6. Before burning paper, draw a circle on the ground to be burned. Be careful not to circle yourself inside. Leave a gap in the northwest corner.

7. When you burn the paper, you should look serious. Don't make fun of yourself. Since you have come here, you should be respectful

8. We must insist on watching the paper burn out before we can go, so that we can not only prevent fire, but also prevent the wind from blowing out the paper.