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What should not be done in the festival of the Central Plains? What are the taboos in the festival o

Zhongyuan Festival is one of the three major ancestor worship festivals in China. It's also called ghost festival, also called July half. It's said that the gate of the ghost is wide open and there will be ghosts in the sun. Which day is Zhongyuan festival in 2018? So what should not be done in Zhongyuan Festival? What's the taboo of Zhongyuan Festival? Let's get to know each other.

The 2018 Zhongyuan Festival is August 25, 2018, Saturday, July 15 of the lunar calendar.

The taboo of Zhongyuan Festival:

1. Don't cut your nails. It's said that ghosts are afraid of cuticles on people's nails. If you cut off what they are afraid of, they will bully themselves.

2. Don't swim. If you dive down one by one, you may not be able to get on. You can't swim in dangerous waters. It's said that the "water devil" will find someone to be the ghost of death, so as to give birth.

3. Don't pat other people's shoulders casually. Youshi is 17:00-19:00. From the perspective of spirituality, there are three fires on one's head and two shoulders, respectively. So it's better not to pat other people's heads and shoulders casually when ghost moon is in order to avoid putting out the fire on his body, so that a good brother can have a chance.

4. In the middle of the night, don't get up to pee or look around. If you see anything at home, don't panic, pretend you don't see anything, and then go to sleep.

5. If you lose sleep in the middle of the night, don't look at the clock. Maybe you look at the clock and the pointer doesn't move, because something may be trying to drive you out of your body at that time.

6. Don't say the word "ghost". It is said that ghosts will come out of the house on the day of Zhongyuan Festival, especially in the places of temples and Purdue Dharma meeting, which are often the places with the most ghosts. Moreover, don't speak in disorder on Zhongyuan Festival, maybe the ghosts are passing by you.

7. Don't trample on the paper. There are often people who burn paper on the roadside. Don't trample on the scattered paper. That's the money burned to the ghost. There are often ghosts helping to pick it up. If you trample on these things, you will be unhappy and easy to associate.