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What's the meaning of big pig's hoof? What's the origin of big pig's hoof

What's the meaning of big pig's hoof? What's the stem of big pig's hoof in the recent hit of "Yanxi strategy", many friends must find the word "big pig hoof" when they are chasing the play. Many boys see that it's a mask. So do you know what a big pig's hoof means? What's the big pig's hoof? Let's have a look.

What do you mean 'men are big pig hooves'

Make complaints about make complaints about diss, make complaints about the male and female students, and you can use them to make complaints about the style of boys and girls. They can also be used for Tucao boys to pull up the heartless big ass. Britney Spears used to see the moon, and now he is called a cow husband. In short, it can be said to be a universal Tucao language. We can generally understand the word as a sentence that is not unfamiliar to all of us, that is, 'men don't have a good thing'.

Where is the source of "men are big pig hooves"

The word became popular in August 2017, with a group of 'men are big pig hooves' expression packs known by netizens, and began to become popular on the Internet, becoming a common Internet buzzword.

'men are big hooves' related examples

Nowadays, there are many topics on micro-blog, such as straight men's speech, 'no good boyfriend's outstanding group', 'talking about a false love affair' and so on. Often share some chat records of boyfriends' not having strong desire to make complaints about their girlfriends.

'men are big hooves' development experience

Recently, a media interview with the designer of the recently popular game "traveling frog", shinyuko saimura, said in the interview that the original intention of the frog design in the game was not to look forward to the return of her son, but to miss her husband. Let a lot of quack mothers shout: for you to eat, for you to live, for you to go out, you tell the husband? Men are big pig hooves!