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What are the taboos of the ghost festival of the Zhongyuan Festival

What are the taboos of the ghost festival of the Zhongyuan Festival Chinese people have a reverence for ghosts and gods from ancient times to the present. The traditional Zhongyuan festival in China is commonly known as ghost festival. According to folklore, ghosts will roam the world when the ghost gate of the underworld opens. Do you know which day Ghost Festival is? What are the taboos of ghost Festival? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

What's the date of ghost festival in 2018

The 2018 Zhongyuan Festival is August 25, 2018, Saturday, July 15 of the lunar calendar

The taboo of Ghost Festival

Don't talk about ghosts on Ghost Festival

It's said that the ghost gate is open on ghost day in the middle of the Yuan Dynasty. Many ghosts wander around the world. It's easy to say "ghost" in one day to affect the aura, which can make the ghost feel that it will be invaded by ghosts. Lunar July is also ghost month. It's better not to talk about ghosts and gods easily in this month.

Don't burn paper in Ghost Festival

There is a saying among the people that the paper of the underworld is burned to the ghost and the paper of gold is burned to the God. On ghost day, people burn paper for ghosts and ghosts passing by. Usually on this day, people will burn paper at the same time and place, otherwise more ghosts will be attracted easily.

Don't pat your shoulders or look back on ghost day

It's said that people have three Yang lights on their heads and two shoulders, which will light up in the daytime and drive away ghosts at night. If the sun lights out, some miraculous events will happen easily. Therefore, in such a special period as ghost festival, it's not easy to pat other people's shoulders to turn off the sun lamp. Don't look back when you hear someone calling your name. When you turn back, you will turn off one sun lamp at a time. If the sun lamp goes out, you can only let the ghost do whatever you want. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Links to related articles: )

Don't swim easily in Ghost Festival

Water belongs to Yin. Compared with land, water can promote Yin Qi more and more like ghosts. Therefore, ghost festival and even ghost month should not be easy to swim, especially in some natural waters with few people, people's masculinity is weaker, and it is easy for the ghost to play the game of lifting feet with you, and you will be carried away by the ghost if you are not careful.

Don't look around on ghost day

There is a human ghost, there is a ghost Road, who should not provoke the best. Don't be curious to play some "damn" games during the ghost festival. If you see something you shouldn't see, you will be in trouble.

Don't loiter in the night

At night, when the Yin Qi is heavy, people's own Yang Qi will be suppressed and only three Yang lamps will be left for protection. If you wander in the night for a long time, your Yin Qi will be heavier. In case of some accidents that cause the Yang Qi to go out, and it's easy for the ghost to enter during the ghost festival, you can really 'go to the devil'.

Don't steal sacrifice on Ghost Festival

The sacrifice of Ghost Festival is not for the ancestors, or for the ghosts, eating secretly or for other reasons leading to the incomplete sacrifice, will be regarded as disrespect to them and bring disaster to the family.