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Three tiktok, how to shoot the three way of shooting, tiktok, and share the shooting method

Tiktok tiktok is a buddy operation that is very recent. Many of the little partners are asking tiktok how to shoot three times three times. Xiaobian today brought you three tiktok shooting methods to share!

Tiktok three times

1. open the jitter main interface and select the tiktok button to enter the interface.

2. Select the special effect in the lower left corner of the shooting interface, and click the special effect to enter;

3. Find the special effect as shown in the figure below, and click to use it after downloading;

4. When you start shooting, you will find that there are up and down three video effects, that is, the so-called three consecutive shots;

5. after tiktok is finished, upload to the jitter, and then others will see this video! Cool special effects, plus your favorite music! You can also choose a variety of good-looking filters.