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What's better and faster after fracture? Food precautions after fracture

What's better and faster after fracture? Food precautions after fracture as the saying goes, it takes a long time for fracture healing and recovery. Apart from normal recuperation after fracture, eating and drinking are quite exquisite. What's better after fracture? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Early fracture

Early fracture should drink more water, eat more vegetables, eggs, bean products, fruits, fish soup, etc. Due to the early stage of fracture, the affected joint is still in the stage of blood swelling, so we should avoid eating hot and sour food, greasy food, hot and dry food, bone soup, fat chicken and other foods that are too nourishing to avoid congestion and stagnation. The early stage of fracture is usually 1-2 weeks.

Metaphase of fracture

In the middle stage of fracture, we can properly use high nutritional value food, properly supplement calcium, properly eat bone soup, chicken soup, animal liver and other food to meet the needs of callus. The middle stage of fracture is generally 2-4 weeks. In this period, if the wound still has severe pain or obvious redness and swelling, it is advisable to apply medicine and wine locally to diminish inflammation, promote microcirculation and repair the damaged tissue.

Late stage of fracture

What to eat to recover quickly after fracture? In the later stage, the advice of fracture patients' diet is that they have started the growth of callus, so long as the patients continue to use the food with high nutritional value. The later stage of fracture is generally more than 5 weeks. In this stage, if there is still dull pain in the affected area, it is advisable to take a local medicine bath with Chinese herbal medicine every day to eliminate internal deposition and avoid falling rheumatoid.

What to eat to recover quickly after fracture:

1. High energy, high protein diet: helps to restore vitality. But it should be taken 2 weeks after fracture. At the early stage of fracture, it is better to take a light diet.

2. Vitamin D: if you have been recuperating indoors after fracture, and can't get the sun, it is easy to lack vitamin D. Therefore, after fracture, you should eat foods rich in vitamin D (such as fish, liver, egg yolk, etc.) and bask in the sun as much as possible.

3. Vitamin C: fruits rich in vitamin C include hawthorn, fresh jujube, kiwifruit, strawberry, longan, litchi, orange, etc., while vegetables include alfalfa (grass head), pepper, sweet pepper, rape bolt, broccoli, Brussels sprout (soup), balsam pear, watercress, broccoli, amaranth, etc.

4. Water: after fracture, it is easy to cause constipation due to sitting for a long time. At this time, drink more water to ensure smooth bowel.

Two weeks after fracture, bone soup, Tianqi pot chicken, animal liver and so on can be supplemented to supply more vitamin A, D, calcium and protein. Fracture more than 5 weeks, recipe can be matched with old mother chicken soup, pig bone soup, sheep bone soup, deer tendon soup, stewed fish and so on, can drink Eucommia bone broken tonic wine, jixueteng wine, tiger bone papaya wine and so on.

What can't I eat for a fracture

The above describes what the fracture can eat to recover quickly. Next, let's see what the fracture can't eat and what food will hinder the recovery of the skeleton.

1. 37 pieces

In the early stage of fracture, there will be local internal bleeding, blood stasis and other conditions, and show swelling, pain and other conditions. If you take Sanqi tablet at this time, you can contract local blood vessels, shorten clotting time and increase thrombin, which is very appropriate.

But one week after the fracture was repaired, the bleeding stopped and the damaged tissue began to be repaired, and the repair must have a large blood supply. If you continue to take 37 tablets at this time, it will cause the local blood vessels to be in a state of contraction, and the blood flow will not be smooth, which is harmful to fracture healing.

2. Meat and bone soup

Many people think that we should eat more meat and bone and drink more bone soup after fracture, so as to better promote the recovery of fracture. In fact, this is a very wrong way. Modern medicine has proved many times that fracture patients eat more meat and bones, not only can't heal early, but will delay the time of fracture healing.

This is because the regeneration of injured bone mainly depends on the role of periosteum and bone marrow, which can play a better role only under the condition of increasing bone collagen. However, the main components in the bone are phosphorus and calcium. If a large amount of bone is ingested after fracture, the inorganic components in the bone will increase, resulting in the imbalance of the proportion of the organic matter in the bone.

3. Partial diet

After fracture, there are usually local edema, hyperemia, bleeding, muscle tissue damage and other conditions. The body has the ability to resist and repair these conditions. The raw materials for the body to repair tissue, grow muscle from long bone, form callus, and remove stasis and swelling rely on various nutrients. Therefore, comprehensive nutrition is very necessary for the patients with fracture to recover as soon as possible.

Therefore, in the daily diet, we must refuse to eat partial foods, which can be supplemented with rich nutrients. In addition, we should eat more vegetables with rich vitamin C, such as tomatoes, amaranth, green vegetables, cabbage, radish and so on, to promote callus growth and wound healing.

4. Hard to digest food

Some foods that are not easy to digest must be forbidden for fracture patients. Due to the limitation of activity of fracture patients due to fixation, pain and mental anxiety, appetite is often poor and constipation may occur. Therefore, the patient's diet at this time should not only be nutritious, but also be easy to digest and defecate.

So the fracture patient's diet must not eat some indigestible time, but should eat as much as possible contains some multi fiber food, such as vegetables, fruits, honey and so on to promote gastrointestinal digestion defecation food.

5. Less drinking water

Many patients who stay in bed all day, due to the inconvenience of movement, will reduce the number of drinking water by mistake, especially some patients with fracture of spine, pelvis and lower limbs, the number of drinking water is less, which is not appropriate. * patients in bed are less active and less peristalsis. If the drinking water does not increase, the constipation will become more serious. At the same time, it will cause urinary retention, which can lead to urinary calculus and urinary tract infection.