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How to distinguish true and false Wuliangye

How to distinguish true and false Wuliangye Wuliangye is a famous liquor in China. Wuliangye is a kind of Luzhou flavor liquor with good sales volume in the market. However, the price of good liquor is also high. Many illegal traders in the market use inferior liquor as Wuliangye in order to benefit. Do you know how to distinguish the true Wuliangye from the false Wuliangye?

But is the Maotai Wuliangye you bought true? It's shocking that fake wine has been made like this! Unexpectedly, there are 5 stores of fake wine in Shaoxing. There are 12 members in this gang. At present, there are 9 famous online stores and 3 are at large.

How to identify the authenticity of Wuliangye?

1. Code laser anti-counterfeiting identification: the most direct way is to refer to anti-counterfeiting identification. Wuliangye adopts code laser anti-counterfeiting mark, and the coating area of code anti-counterfeiting mark can be scratched. The long strip that can be scratched in the coating area is silver gray with brightness. The false anti-counterfeiting marks are mostly gray white with blue color. Scratch off the anti-counterfeiting coating has a 22 digit anti-counterfeiting code, which is different from the number of the outer package. You can log in to the query network of Wuliangye or call for query.

2. Identification of new generation (VSI) special anti-counterfeiting logo: Wuliangye new generation special anti-counterfeiting logo is made of special disposable materials. Under natural light, it can be clearly seen that the anti-counterfeiting logo is printed with red 'Wuliangye' pattern. The red color of the real product logo is natural, with moderate color depth; the gold part is very bright, with enough brightness, and the English letter "SP" printed on it. When changing the angle of the wine bottle, the letters appear sometimes. At the same time, the gold grain of the logo is smooth and delicate. In the logo, there are the words "W" printed by laser and the factory emblem of Wuliangye distillery. When the bottle is rotated, the words "W" of the real product and the factory emblem will appear alternately, while the false one will not. At the same time, we can see the unique silver VSI pattern of Wuliangye new generation special anti-counterfeiting logo, which presents different brightness with different viewing angles. The hand-held detector is close to the eye, and the vision passes through the detector. Press the switch, you will see the original red pattern hidden, reflecting the dazzling Wuliangye distillery emblem and the bright VSI pattern.

3. Identification of bottle body trademark: the registered Wuliangye trademark of the genuine product is "Wuliangye" brand, with the striking three big characters of "Wuliangye" as the special mark, the bottom of the trademark pattern is set off with yellow ears, all above ears are set in red, the three characters of "Wuliangye" are slightly raised ears, the back of the trademark is printed with the date of manufacture, which can be seen clearly through liquor and bottle body. The decoration design of Wuliangye imitated products can almost be fake, but most of the fake wines are rough printed trademarks, or there is no registered trademark at all.

4. Identification of bottle cap: Wuliangye bottle cap mainly includes plastic cap, three proofing cap and high proofing improved bottle cap. The color is bright red, with good finish. The cap body is flat and smooth, with the words "Wuliangye" printed on it. The three proofing and high proofing improved bottle caps have metal pull rings. The bottle caps of Wuliangye series products are metal buckle broken caps, red plastic caps and red metal caps. The metal caps have good finish, clear and Regular Fonts, flat and smooth lock mouth, and the characters of fake metal caps are irregular and rough. The color is dark, the smoothness is poor, and the lock mouth is not smooth. The bottle cap and inner cap of the real product are separated. If the bottle cap and inner cap are integrated from the bottom of the bottle, it is fake wine. And the real Wuliangye bottle cap also has the anti-counterfeiting mark of PET polyester box, and the inner cap can't be recovered after being pulled open. This is also an important method to distinguish the authenticity of Wuliangye.

5. Identification of certificate of conformity: Wuliangye distillery uses the certificate of conformity. The paper is thick and solid. It is a gold card. The front printed pattern and text are clear. The back is stamped with the seal of the quality inspector. The paper of the fake certificate of conformity is rough, the printing is fuzzy and the color is dim. 6. Liquor quality identification: Wuliangye liquor is an outstanding representative of Luzhou flavor liquor, which is carefully blended by aging cellar fermentation and aging. Therefore, liquor quality is also an important standard for distinguishing true and false Wuliangye liquor. One look, two smell and three taste is a quick and direct way to distinguish the true and false Wuliangye liquor. First of all, the real wine is clear and transparent, and the fake wine is mostly mixed with alcohol, so the wine is turbid. Then smell it by nose. Wuliangye, as the representative of Luzhou flavor liquor, is famous for its fragrance, with a long fragrance and mellow taste. And taste up, give a person the feeling that the entrance is sweet, the throat is clean and cool, each flavor is harmonious, just right. The imitation Wuliangye made of alcohol mixed with water not only smells pungent, but also feels sore throat and obvious bitterness when drinking. The authentic Wuliangye meets the above identification requirements. When identifying the authenticity of Wuliangye, as long as one item does not meet the above requirements, it can be determined as fake wine.