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What is the right way to lose weight in running

What is the right way to lose weight in running running is a popular and healthy way of exercise. There are many benefits of running. Many people run every day to lose weight, but they also pay attention to ways and methods. Otherwise, they will get half the result with half the effort. What's the right way to lose weight and how long can they lose weight every day? Let's have a look.

How long can I lose weight by running every day

Running more than 30 minutes a day will help burn fat, because if the amount of exercise is too low, the body's heat is not emitted at all, and there is no effect at all. It is recommended to warm up before running, and then jog for 30 minutes. It is better not to rest in the middle of the run, unless you are too tired and have dizziness and other symptoms. In addition, when running, you can also jog for 30 seconds, then run fast for 30 seconds, and repeat the cycle to achieve weight loss effect. Running time can be set according to your own situation. If you are broad and fat, you should step by step. At the beginning, you'd better not run too long. It's recommended that you run for 30 minutes. After the body adapts, you can increase the time. However, you should not run too long each time to avoid fatigue and discomfort. If you keep it for more than 3 months, you can lose weight easily.

The right way to lose weight in running

1. Pre run preparation

Stand with hands akimbo and alternate ankle movements for about 5-10 minutes. Warm up exercise can improve the muscle temperature, make the muscle soft and not easy to be pulled.

2. Running time and speed

If you want to lose weight, the best time for each run is 30-60 minutes, too little time can not achieve the effect of burning fat, too long time will cause muscle fatigue is not conducive to health. If in order to lose weight, the running speed should not be too fast (of course, it should not be too slow). The speed of about 6-7km / h is the most reasonable, which can make the fat fully combine with oxygen and burn. There is a simple criterion for running speed, that is, when running, you feel sweaty, and your body is not breathless, which is very uncomfortable. This state is the best.

3. Relax after running

Stretching your body after running can fully burn the extra fat in your body, exercise most parts of your body, and shape your perfect S curve. Correct posture and relaxed mind are the secret of beauty. Put your hands on the top of your head, close up and stretch your body. After running, do a proper amount of stretching, you can ease the over speed heart rate.

4. Relax after running

After the micro sweat jogging, we should do some relaxation activities, such as jogging, kicking, squatting, waist turning, chest expanding, etc. Return to the room after the temperature and heart rate return to normal. Relaxation action recommendation: put your hands above your head, close up and stretch your body. After running, it's better to change the sweaty clothes, or put on the Sweatshirt consciously before running, and dry it after running, and wash it up to 3 times.