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The best and most effective way to quit smoking

The best and most effective way to quit smoking in recent years, the national smoking ban has become more and more strict, and smoking is prohibited in public places. However, the number of smokers is still increasing. Many old smokers want to quit smoking, but they can't stop smoking again and again, so 'smoking is not lonely' is also regarded as a classic. In fact, smoking is also a kind of psychological dependence to a large extent, so the best and fastest way for everyone is to make up a small number of cigarettes Methods of quitting smoking.

The best way to quit smoking

First of all, be prepared to set a smoking cessation date in advance. Nicotine released from cigarettes is an addictive substance that acts on nerves. Most smokers become restless, anxious or depressed when they try to get rid of nicotine. Many people can't concentrate and fall asleep normally. Fortunately, these symptoms are short-term, usually most pronounced in two or three days, and then gradually subside. If you can make it to the fourth day, it will get better Finally, it is to seek the support of relatives and friends. If someone helps you quit smoking, it will be easier. Friends, colleagues and family can provide mental support to smokers, if they have experienced the process of quitting smoking.

Day 1: preparation stage

Fully understand the hazards of smoking and increase the determination to quit. Try not to spend the day with people who are still smoking. Three meals a day with fruit or fruit juice as the main food, less meat, fish, chicken food, do not drink coffee and other wine, as well as spicy food. Take a step and take a deep breath before going to bed. Go to bed a little earlier than usual. When you want to smoke, take a deep, rhythmic breath

Day 2: start to quit smoking

The first thing to wake up is to use your willpower to re emphasize 'I choose not to smoke today'. Drink a large glass of water and take a bath before breakfast. Wipe your skin with a wet towel to increase blood circulation and keep your mind clear. Eat mainly fruit, avoid fried and meat. Don't sit around on the table after each meal. Look for something to do.

Day 3: dealing with symptoms

No smoking for 2 days, for addicts, it will cause headache, dry mouth, cough, tingling, anxiety or depression, diarrhea or constipation and other uncomfortable symptoms. At this time, in addition to perseverance, we need to have the right way to deal with these symptoms. You can choose your favorite sports, take a hot bath, drink more juice, boiled water, and relax yourself.

Day 4: dealing with nicotine

'nicotine' addiction is a heavy smoker, and can be diluted with drinks and tea. In order to avoid the stimulation of various drinks and tea, chrysanthemum tea or jasmine tea can be used instead. At the same time, proper exercise can be carried out by walking, cycling and other ways to relax yourself and increase energy consumption. When you really want to smoke, take a deep breath in time.

Day 5: prevent relapse

At this time, the most important thing is to be proud of your choice to quit smoking, to consciously stay away from the smokers, and to control your food intake. If someone asks for a cigarette, you can reasonably tell him: 'I've quit smoking and won't smoke again, even one mouthful. At the same time, enrich your spare time life, entertainment, watching movies, sports, etc. During the period of quitting smoking, don't pay attention to too many troubles in life, keep a calm mind, or encounter troubles, it will be easy to smoke again.

Let's take a look at some tips for quitting smoking

Tips for quitting smoking: make a clear goal to change the working environment and the old habits related to smoking. Quitters will actively think of their determination to stop smoking.

1. Gambling: some people who have smoked in the past have had good experience in gambling to quit smoking. One of the effects is to quit smoking openly and win the support of friends and colleagues.

2. Stand the test of re smoking: smoking again after quitting is not equal to quitting smoking failure. It's not 'too late' after taking a sip or a cigarette, but it's necessary to carefully analyze the reasons for re smoking to avoid future recidivism.

3. Weight problem: after quitting smoking, the weight will increase significantly, generally 5-8 pounds. Smokers will reduce the basic speed of metabolism after quitting smoking, and will eat more food to replace smoking, so the weight of smokers will increase a few kilograms in a short time after quitting smoking, but we can deal with the weight increase by strengthening the body's exercise volume, because increasing the exercise volume can accelerate metabolism. It's better to eat snacks without fat. In addition, drink more water, so that the stomach is not empty.

4. Throw away smoking tools: ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes will stimulate smokers, so they should all be thrown away.

5. Find an alternative: one of the main tasks after quitting smoking is to find a non-smoking alternative under the condition of being seduced: do some skill games to keep two hands busy, make the mouth produce a taste of non-smoking through brushing teeth, or divert attention through exciting conversation. If you like to smoke a cigarette every morning after you finish your coffee, turn your coffee every morning into tea.