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2018 Jakarta Asian Games Badminton Match Schedule

2018 Jakarta Asian Games Badminton Match Schedule the game of 2018 Jakarta Asian Games is in progress. Badminton is the national game of Indonesia, and it is also the advantage project of our country. Everyone pays attention to it. Let's take a look at the schedule of 2018 Jakarta Asian games badminton game.

The badminton venue of the Asian Games is istora gelora bung Karno stadium. There are 64 players in the men's singles and 32 players in the other four events. The men's and women's leagues also compete in 16 teams. The competition time is from August 19 to August 28. Among them, 19-22 is the group competition, 23-28 is the single event.

August 19: Men's and women's quarter finals

August 20: Men's quarter finals (the rest), women's quarter finals and men's quarter finals

August 21: Women's semifinals and men's semifinals

August 22: Women's final, men's final

August 23: Men's singles 64 in 32, women's doubles 32 in 16, mixed doubles 32 in 16

August 24: Men's singles 32 in 16, men's doubles 32 in 16, women's singles 32 in 16, women's doubles one eighth final, mixed doubles one eighth final

August 25: Men's singles quarter final, men's Doubles quarter final, women's singles quarter final, women's Doubles quarter final

August 26: quarterfinals of men's doubles, mixed doubles, women's doubles and women's singles

August 27: Men's singles quarter final, women's singles quarter final (remaining), women's doubles final, men's doubles semi-final, women's singles semi-final, mixed doubles semi-final, mixed doubles final

August 28: Men's doubles final, women's singles final and men's singles final

On Guoyu's side, Lin Dan only takes part in the team competition, while Shi Yuqi will play the first singles in the team competition for the first time, and Chen long will play the second men's singles. At the same time, Zhang Jun, coach of the men's doubles team, said in a recent interview that Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen will play the first doubles in the Asian Games and Zhang Nan / Liu Cheng will play the second doubles.

Wang Yilv / Zheng thought will play in the third men's doubles, because the number of men's and women's teams is limited to no more than 10 at the Asian Games. Therefore, in order to take into account the mixed doubles single event, Wang Yilv and Zheng thought may play in pairs.

Chinese Badminton Team:

Team game

Men's Regiment: Shi Yuqi, Chen long, Zhang Nan, Lin Dan, Qiao bin, Li Junhui, Liu Yuchen, Wang Yilv, Liu Cheng, Zheng SIH

Women's troupe: he bingjiao, Chen Yufei, Cai Yanyan, Gao Fangjie, Tang Jinhua, Huang Yaqiong, Chen Zao, Huang Dongping, Jia Yifan, Zheng Yu

Single event

Men's singles: Chen long, Shi Yuqi

Women's singles: Chen Yufei, he bingjiao

Men's Doubles: Liu Cheng / Zhang Nan, Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen

Women's Doubles: Chen Zao / Jia Yifan, Tang Jinhua / Zheng Yu

Mixed doubles: Zheng Si / Huang Yaqiong, Wang Yilv / Huang Dongping

What are the highlights of the Asian Games?

1、 In the swimming pool, Sun Yang hopes to be king. In this Asian Games, swimming will give birth to 41 gold medals, the number of which is next to 47 in track and field.

Chinese swimming captain Sun Yang is undoubtedly the star of the Asian Games and the backbone of the team. He will take part in four freestyle events (200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m) and relay events.

2、 In the track and field of this Asian Games, the most important point is undoubtedly the battle of 100m flying people. Although Xie Zhenye withdrew from the Asian Games due to his ankle injury, Su Bingtian has achieved an excellent result of 9.91 seconds this year, not only equalling the Asian record, but also becoming the fastest yellow race.

He regretted picking silver in the last Asian Games, and this competition is bound to strive for gold.