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Is Datura poisonous? What should I do if I touch Datura

Every year, we have to tell you about the poisoning of Datura. There are many news that we can't save our lives because of eating Datura by mistake. Let us know again after work that Datura is poisonous! Please stay away! So what if you accidentally touch Datura and get poisoned? Let's have a look.

Is Datura poisonous

Toxic, especially toxic.

1. Datura flowers are almost toxic all over the body. From root to stem to fruit to seed, they are very toxic. Its seeds are very toxic. It can kill a horse in a short time. Its leaves are also very toxic. Eating by mistake may cause great harm to people.

2. Datura flowers are almost toxic all over the body. From root to stem to fruit to seed, they are very toxic, especially seeds. In general, they can kill a horse in a short time, followed by leaves. If you eat leaves by mistake, it will also cause great harm to human body.

3. If you do accidentally eat datura flower, the first time is to induce vomiting. In the shortest time, use the method of touching the throat with your fingers or taking chemicals such as copper sulfate to induce vomiting. After vomiting, go to the hospital for gastric lavage as soon as possible, and drink a lot of water containing protein or sugar at the same time, which can promote the degradation of toxin to a certain extent.

What about the datura flower

1. After poisoning, we should strive for time to rescue. Generally, first touch the pharynx to induce vomiting or use 0.5g copper sulfate each time, dissolve it in 100-250ml water and take it. Then, the alkaloids were precipitated with 1:5000 potassium permanganate, 2% - 4% tannic acid or strong tea.

2. Drink a lot of sugar water, take egg white or medicinal charcoal solution to precipitate alkaloids, absorb toxins and protect mucous membrane. Intravenous infusion to promote the discharge of toxicant.

3. The juice of flowers and leaves has the function of stimulating nerve center. It is astringent in taste. The flower oil extracted from its juice is light in taste and hard to be detected by sniffing. However, it often sniffs the fragrance unintentionally. It can be used for incense in censers. A proper amount of it can refresh your mind, and too much of it can be poisoned.

4. Because its flower juice has the function of exciting nerve center, so swallowing can produce exciting effect and hallucination. If we eat too much by mistake, it will lead to over excitation of nerve center and sudden reversal to inhibition, which will cause sudden decline of body function and often lead to death.

5. There are also many poisoning events caused by Datura flower. Generally, the poisoning patients have symptoms within half an hour after eating, 20 minutes at the most, and no more than 3 hours at the latest. The poisoning dose varies according to the way of toxicity, age and health status. Three fruits for adults can be poisoned; children are more sensitive, as long as one tenth of adults, no more than one, 3-4 seeds can be poisoned, most of which are acute and sudden.

6. Children are still sleepy after poisoning. External application of Datura leaves can also cause acute systemic poisoning, the symptoms are the same as oral administration, and the time of symptoms is faster than oral administration.

How to deal with Datura poisoning

1. If the pupil is dilated, you can use pilocarpine or physostigmine salicylate.

2. When restless or spasmodic, give sedatives, such as diazepam, chlorpromazine, chloral hydrate, etc. Antibiotics were given in case of infection, ATP, coenzyme A and hormone were given in case of heart failure. Use a small amount of dehydrating agent to prevent brain edema in coma. If necessary, give respiratory stimulants, oxygen and artificial respiration.

3. When the temperature is too high, low temperature water bath and other physical cooling methods can be used, and antipyretics can be used as appropriate. If necessary, drop liquid paraffin into eyes and nasal cavity to keep them moist.

4. If there is a drop in blood pressure, cold limbs, should give caffeine and other stimulants.

5. Traditional Chinese medicine can be used to detoxify 30g Glycyrrhiza, 60g mungbean decoction, or 120g mungbean, 60g honeysuckle, 30g forsythia, 15g Glycyrrhiza decoction, or Fangfeng and Guizhi Decoction.