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Tiktok tiktok is how to make money. What is the money earned by shaking the net?

Tiktok tiktok is how to make money. What is the money earned by shaking the net?

Sihai tiktok tiktok: everyone is brushing short videos this year. Tiktok is also a fire. Many songs and red nets are often seen. Fans are often millions or even tens of millions. Let's have a look.

Tiktok tiktok is a short video APP from today's headline 'hatch'. It is a short video APP with little volcano video. But it is a short video of fire. But unlike the volcano's video, it's added to the more cool music and the cool cool performance. It has been popular among many young users.

In the prescribed 15 seconds to show the wonderful, no doubt for the majority of dance music lovers, the threshold is very low, like to show their little friends, hurry to get on the car, the old driver to open the door for you.

In fact, the story of becoming famous overnight is still going on. It's just staged in another place.

Many brokerage firms privately exchange that their net red is faster than other platforms in the sound of the tiktok. Short video gathering fans, live harvest reward, has become a standard match for many new Internet Celebrities. In fact, the anchors on the live platform are also entering the short video platform in batches.

And traffic is just one of the corner, the platform is willing to invest more resources in netred.

In fact, Xiaobian can tell you here that the tiktok is a short video social interaction, it is playing the fans economy, very simple, just video directly implanted ads can do!

Some of the big tiktok playing with loud noises has already broken through one hundred thousand or even millions. Are they afraid of finding advertisers like this? How much is an advertisement? You has the final say. And when the net red has a certain popularity, many net red will choose to create their own brand or develop like the performing arts circle.

Although net red tiktok suck quickly, it becomes a problem.

Under such a premise, Yan believes that the change of content strategy is necessary: "for tiktok, their main way of cash in the current stage is still advertising and e-commerce, and the original content of the jitter is actually hard to derive business. If you make a net red, millions of fans can't cash in, then they can only choose to transfer fans to other platforms, which is also bad for the tiktok. '

It's true. Tiktok tiktok tiktok, most of the head net red will write their own micro-blog or live accounts in the description bit, some of the senior game player will also add their own Taobao account, exclusive voice chatting props.

A few people have begun to take creative advertising, but the difficulty of using video and audio is still very high. If they are too obvious, they will not be selected to tiktok.

Tiktok who successfully transferred fans to the master platform has reduced the frequency of the update.