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The correct decocting method of traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is the treasure of our country, with a history of thousands of years. It is important to keep healthy, warm and recuperate. In fact, the decocting of traditional Chinese medicine is also very learned. How to decoct traditional Chinese medicine? How about frying it for a long time? Let's see the correct way of decocting traditional Chinese medicine.

How to decoct traditional Chinese medicine best

Different medicine requirements are different. It's better to boil it in the morning.

1. Generally speaking, 9:00 am and 3:00 pm are the 'golden time' for the body to absorb drugs, so it is the best time to take traditional Chinese medicine at this time. However, different drugs are used at different times. Drugs such as those for gastrointestinal and deficiency disorders should be taken half an hour or an hour before meals, while those for cardiopulmonary and other diseases are usually taken half an hour after meals. In the process of medication, in order to avoid the stimulation of drugs to the stomach and intestines, and also to reduce the generation of side effects of drugs, such as drugs to help digestion or drugs to stimulate the stomach, they should also be taken after meals; tonics or purgative drugs are suitable for taking before meals.

2. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the general Chinese medicine decoction should be taken "warm", that is, the decoction should be filtered out immediately after decocting, and then drunk when it is lowered to 30 ℃ ~ 37 ℃, while the traditional Chinese medicine such as pill and powder should also be taken with warm boiled water; the traditional Chinese medicine, which belongs to relieving the exterior and dispersing the wind and cold, should be taken "hot". After taking the medicine, you can drink some hot water, which can help the improvement of medicine. Like antiemetics or antidotes, take them cold to avoid irritation.

3. Before decocting, it's best to soak the medicine for 3-4 hours, add more water than 2-5cm in one decocting, and submerge the medicine in the second decocting.

4. The first and second decoctions are to boil the liquid medicine with large and strong fire first, then turn the fire to small / slow fire to boil. The boiling time is the time of slow fire, excluding the boiling time of strong fire.

Will traditional Chinese medicine decoct for a long time affect the effect

Will have an impact, should be based on the characteristics of each Chinese medicine to boil.

1. Due to the different texture of drugs, the methods, procedures and time of decocting drugs are also different. For example, some drugs need to be decocted first, then decocting, and some drugs need to be decocting.

2. The decocting time of some antidotes should be shorter. The decocting time of such aromatic drugs as agastache, pergolan, mint and some fresh drugs should also be shorter. Usually, the decocting time of other drugs is about to be finished, and the decocting time will stop after smelling the fragrance.

3. Some mineral, shell or animal medicines, such as raw gypsum, magnetite, raw oyster, raw cassia, etc., are hard and need to be fried for about 20 minutes before other medicines are fried.

4. The traditional Chinese medicine eating method is now generally used to take one dose of medicine twice, in the morning before eating on an empty stomach, and in the evening before going to bed. However, it should also be used flexibly, for example, the medicine with gastrointestinal irritation should be taken after meals; the medicine with insomnia should be taken before sleep; the patient with difficulty in taking traditional Chinese medicine can take it several times in a small amount; the patient with acute or serious disease can take it at any time.

5. Do not open the lid of the pot frequently when decocting medicine, and do not pour out the medicine liquid quickly after decocting, so as to avoid the loss of medicine gas and reduce the dissipation of volatile components.

Notes on boiling traditional Chinese Medicine

1. Boil traditional Chinese medicine can be divided into gentle fire and armed fire. The so-called armed fire is a fire. Before the traditional Chinese medicine is burned, you can use a fire without losing the medicine. After the fire, you can easily destroy the ingredients of the medicine and volatilize the effective medicine.

2. Casserole is the first choice for boiling traditional Chinese medicine, because the iron ions in the casserole are easy to combine with the substances in the traditional Chinese medicine, making the traditional Chinese medicine lose the effective ingredients, while the casserole is full of heat, almost without metal ions, which is an ideal tool for boiling traditional Chinese Medicine.

3. The so-called slow fire is a small fire. Try to use soft firewood, such as sawdust, and sprinkle a handful of wood sawdust. Other soft firewood is the same thing. Cover the big fire and simmer the soup slowly.

4. Storage of drugs. The medicinal materials should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, not in a refrigerator, especially the precious Chinese medicine. If it needs to be stored for a long time, you can fill the empty bottle with rice, then place the medicine in it, seal it and store it in a cool and dry place.

5. The boiled traditional Chinese medicine should be placed in porcelain or in refrigerator after packing, but it should not be placed for too long.