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How to apply for 2018 real estate certificate with several names at most

How to apply for 2018 real estate certificate with several names at most buying a house is a big event in China. The importance of the real estate certificate as the proof of property right is obvious. Many people will add the names of both husband and wife and even parents before buying a house. How many names can be added to the 2018 real estate certificate at most? Let's have a look.

1、 How many names can the real estate certificate have at most?

Many people have such a question, how many names can be written on the real estate certificate? In fact, there is no limit to adding a name to the property right certificate, but after adding a name, it belongs to the joint ownership, which mainly distinguishes the form of joint ownership.

There are two forms of common ownership: one is common ownership; the other is common ownership by shares. Common ownership means that after the name is added, all the people on the real estate certificate have one share of the house. According to the share is, after adding the name, the owner of the property right certificate stands for the specific share of the property. That is to say, what percentage of the house they occupy.

2、 How to deal with the housing co ownership certificate?

But if you want two people to use the real estate together, you can apply for the housing ownership certificate at the same time as the housing administrative department, and write the names of several people on the certificate at the same time. Its function is to prove that the property right of the house is shared by several people.

3、 What is the real estate certificate?

House property certificate refers to the certificate of house property right. The legal real estate certificate of our country is the house ownership certificate of the people's Republic of China supervised by the Ministry of construction of the people's Republic of China. Through transaction, the buyer can obtain the legal ownership of the house and exercise the rights of possession, use, income and disposal of the house.

House property certificate includes house ownership certificate and house co ownership certificate. In general, house property certificate is the abbreviation of house ownership certificate, which is a written certificate issued by the real estate registration authority to prove the ownership of the house.

4、 What is the Real Estate Co ownership (use) certificate?

"Real estate certificate" refers to that the real estate developer applies for the initial registration to the real estate management department before the house is delivered to the buyer after the completion acceptance of the house. For the application that meets the requirements, the real estate management department shall make a decision to approve the registration within 30 days from the acceptance of the registration application and issue the real estate certificate, namely the large-scale production certificate.

The property right co ownership (use) certificate is basically the same as the real estate ownership certificate, but the co ownership shall be indicated in the real estate ownership certificate.