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What is the score of CET-4? What is the full score of CET-4

The most important certificate in the university is the CET-4 certificate. After CET-4, you can apply for CET-6. Double certificates can be used all over the world. What is the total score of CET-4? How many points is qualified? Let's have a look!

According to the national CET-4 and CET-6 regulations, those with CET-4 scores above 425 (including 425) can apply for CET-6. It is generally believed that 425 points in CET-4 and CET-6 are passed. How does the total score of 710 come from? The paper score after the equivalence of each test is converted into report score by referring to the norm. Each candidate's report score in the norm group has a corresponding percentile position. Each score in 710 reflects not your real test score, but the ranking score of each part.

For example, you didn't get a full score in your listening test, but you ranked first among the candidates in the country. If you are hot, your listening is full score. You can see that many students around you will calculate their scores according to the original way of scoring * 7.1 =.

The query page displays "can't find the corresponding score"? The score can't be displayed. In addition to the possibility that the score is too low, there are two possibilities:

First, due to network reasons, you can't find the grade 4 and grade 6 scores. It may be that your computer browser has set restrictions on access for security, that the score checking website is blocked, or that too many grade 4 and grade 6 people can't open the page of network congestion;

Second, it may be that the number or password you entered is wrong. Please check carefully before entering.