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A list of the group drawing for the 2018 Asian Games E-sports program lol group of the 2018 Jakarta

In the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, the group drawing of the electric competition project performance match has come out. In the high-profile lol project, the Chinese team and the South Korean team are divided into group A, which will stage a Sino South Korean War. At the same time, the project groups such as the legend of hearthstone, King glory and Starcraft are also coming out at the same time. Let's take a look at the specific group situation.

[2018 Jakarta Asian Games lol group]

Group A: China, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, South Korea

Group B: Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Taipei, China

There are eight teams in the Asian Games, which are divided into two groups, AB and four teams in each group. The biggest focus of group A is the war between China and South Korea, while the highlight of group B is in Taipei, China. For the League of heroes e-Competition project, it has always been a stage for China, South Korea and China's Taipei to compete in international events. Whether other teams in the performance competition can bring different focuses to the audience , it's also very anticipated!

The Asian Games lol competition starts from August 27 and ends on August 29. There are three days in total. It's worth mentioning that although there is no live broadcast of the preliminaries only screen recording, there is live broadcast of the Asian Games. As an international competition, the official website of the League of heroes and various live broadcast platforms will also broadcast in real time. Who will win the championship? We'll see!

[legend duel (King glory) project]

Hong Kong, China vs Laos

Vietnam VS India

Indonesia vs Taipei, China

Thailand vs China

[legend of furnace stone project]

India vs Japan

Hong Kong, China vs. Kazakhstan

Thailand vs Indonesia

Saudi Arabia vs Vietnam

[Royal war project]

Laos VS Hong Kong, China

Vietnam vs Uzbekistan

Saudi Arabia VS India

Indonesia vs China

[live football 2018]

Group A: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Iran, Kazakhstan

Group B: Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, India