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What are the taboos around Zhongyuan Festival

Zhongyuan Festival is the 15th day of July in the lunar calendar. It is called one of the three Ghost Festivals in China. How about going out on Zhongyuan Festival? What are the taboos of Zhongyuan Festival? Let's get to know each other!

Can I go out on the Zhongyuan Festival

The folk legend is that the ghost door is opened in the evening to let those ghosts in the underworld return to the world and reunite with their relatives. At this time, there will also be some fierce ghosts or undead ghosts coming out of the ghost door to harm people, so it's better not to go out in the evening of July 14 of the lunar calendar unless there is really something important.

Another: it's said that you go out that night, and then smear the black dog's excrement on the corner of your eyes, so you can see the ghost.

Western researchers think ghosts are electromagnetic waves, so in fact, we may often encounter them, but we can't see them. To be honest, I don't believe that there are ghosts in the world, but sometimes some things are very strange and difficult to explain.

Ghost Festival is also called Zhongyuan festival or Menglan basin society. Zhongyuan Festival is a Taoist saying. The name of Zhongyuan originated from the Northern Wei Dynasty. In some places, it is commonly known as ghost festival and shigu, also known as the day of the dead and the half of July. According to ancient books, the Daoist Scriptures take the 15th day of the first month as the upper yuan, the 15th day of July as the central yuan, and the 15th day of October as the lower yuan. Zhongyuan Festival and new year's Eve, Qingming Festival, Chongyang Festival (except, Qing, nine) are the four major festivals of ancestor worship in Chinese traditional festivals. "Daozang" contains: on the day of the middle Yuan Dynasty, the local officials searched and selected all the people, respectively good and evil & hellip; & hellip; to recite the Sutra day and night, ten great saints, and chant the spirit together. The prisoner, hungry ghost, was released at that time. Most of the people miss their relatives and send their best wishes for the future.

It's not that you can't go out. It's less going out at night.

In fact, whether there are ghosts or no ghosts in the world is a matter of opinion.

Taboos around the mid Yuan Festival

Don't pat others on the shoulder

This taboo has something to do with folk customs. People think that each person has three fires on his or her shoulders and head, which will make the ghost dare not get close to him or her.

Taboo in physiological period

It is believed that women's compatriots are not clean during their physiological period, and it is not suitable to watch such things as starting work and sacrifice, so as not to offend gods, lead to misfortune, or make the work unable to proceed smoothly.

No matter whether this statement is based or not, but female compatriots in physiological period will really cause their own magnetic field instability due to their physical condition, which is easily affected by other strong magnetic fields, so we should be more cautious.

Avoid ghost words

On the day of universal crossing in Zhongyuan, ghosts almost came out of the house and were everywhere. Especially at the scene of universal crossing, there must be "ghosts" full of troubles.

Therefore, in Zhongyuan universal crossing, it's best to be careful in your words and deeds. Besides avoiding the word "ghost", don't speak indiscriminately, be careful that the ghost is around you!

Avoid trampling on the paper

Ghost paper is a sacrifice for ghosts. When burning, ghosts will gather nearby to grab it. If you trample and jump when burning ghost paper, it will not hinder their actions. When the ghosts are angry, it will be bad for you. Do not dry clothes in the middle of the night

Wet clothes are easy to let free radio waves stick on them, not easy to escape. In the ghost month where ghosts are everywhere, hanging clothes in the middle of the night is like setting a trap to catch ghosts. Who does it bother you to find?

Avoid celebrating in the middle of the night

People born in July are a little bit pitiful. In the evening, there will be some unknown "people" singing happy birthday songs together. It's better to celebrate in the daytime instead.

Avoid catching dragonflies and katydids

People think that these two kinds of insects are the incarnation of ghosts. They are caught at random and attracted by ghosts.