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How about drinking and blushing

How about drinking and blushing friends who often drink and socialize must have met people who blush when they touch wine. Some people tease that the more red wine the face, the better. Others say that people who blush when drinking alcohol can't volatilize, and they can't drink, so can they drink it? What's the reason for drinking blush? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

What's the matter with drinking and blushing? The reason for drinking and blushing reaction is that the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol has gene defects, which leads to the accumulation of toxic acetaldehyde in the body, causing vasodilation and blushing reaction. Blushing people also drink alcohol, which increases the risk of fatal esophageal cancer.

The reason for drinking and blushing

1. Facial skin flush is caused by temporary subcutaneous vasodilation, mainly caused by acetaldehyde. This phenomenon is called 'drinking face flush' in medicine. Acetaldehyde has the function of dilating capillaries, which is the reason for blushing. And people who drink red face can quickly convert ethanol into acetaldehyde, that is to say, they have efficient alcohol dehydrogenase. In addition, there is an enzyme - aldehyde dehydrogenase. People who drink red face only alcohol dehydrogenase does not have aldehyde dehydrogenase, so the body quickly accumulates acetaldehyde and can't metabolize it, so there will be a situation like Guan Gong.

2. Some scholars think it is the allergic reaction of facial blood vessels. A small number of patients with alcoholic blush feel hot on the face within 5-10 minutes after alcohol absorption, and at the same time, there are flush, throbbing headache, dyspnea, nausea and vomiting on the face or the whole body skin , sweating, thirst, chest pain, hypotension, syncope, blurred vision and mental disorder, etc. at this time, people think that they are drunk, which is called 'acetaldehyde syndrome' in medicine. This is the reason why ethanol oxidation metabolism causes significant increase of blood acetaldehyde level.

3. The facial capillaries are rich, and the facial skin is thin and transparent, so the effect of alcohol converting to acetaldehyde to dilate the blood vessels first appears on the face, and slightly lags behind on the body. In addition, some people's palms turn red at the same time as the face, because the palms are transparent and rich in blood vessels.

Does the person who drinks blush drink?

It is rumoured that people who drink blush have weak ability to decompose alcohol. In fact, on the contrary, the main reason for drinking blush is that they have strong ability to decompose alcohol!

But as we have just said, the main problem is not the decomposition of alcohol (ethanol), but what happens after the decomposition of alcohol.

People like me who drink and blush are not because they have too much alcohol and too much acetaldehyde!

Why is the acetaldehyde content high? Because our body alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) is stronger than ordinary people, and ALDH is weaker than ordinary people. Have you fainted

This is really a cup of gene combination: ADH strong, leading to the rapid decomposition of alcohol into acetaldehyde. ALDH is weak, resulting in acetaldehyde can not be decomposed into acetic acid, but accumulated in the body, resulting in blushing and various unpleasant.

Frankly speaking, drinking on the face is acetaldehyde poisoning.

After ordinary people drink alcohol, ethanol is decomposed into acetaldehyde, and then into acetic acid, which has a good sense of rhythm, so the content of ethanol and acetaldehyde is not too high. But many Chinese people, the former step is very strong, the latter step is very weak, so there is a bottleneck in acetaldehyde, so the tragedy happened.

That is to say, the blush of drinking is not due to the weak ability to solve the problem of alcohol, but because of the weak ability to solve the problem of acetaldehyde.

Because there are various combinations of ADH and ALDH genes, there are other people who deal with ordinary people and drink and blush:

One cup pour (ADH weak, ALDH normal)

This kind of people will accumulate a lot of alcohol as soon as they drink. It's easy to get drunk, and it's easy to be high. This is the group of people who go crazy when they drink a little wine.

Alcoholic (alcoholic) (ADH normal, ALDH strong)

This kind of people can't drink face, acetaldehyde doesn't accumulate, and it's not easy to get drunk. But it is also easy to drink too much, and continue to enjoy the pleasure brought by alcohol. This group of people are the most likely to form alcohol addiction and alcoholism.

There are a lot of white people in Europe and America and some ethnic minorities in northern China belong to this category, and the alcohol consumption ratio of white people in Europe and America is significantly higher than that of other ethnic groups.

The fighter in the drunkard, the dragon and Phoenix in the man, are the little companions that leaders must bring when they go out to drink. The whole way to deal with alcohol in their bodies is very strong. When alcohol enters, vinegar comes out. They don't blush or suffer (except those who are not allowed to go to the toilet).

From the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that people who drink red face obviously can't drink more than ordinary people. If they drink too much, they will also get liver cancer more easily. Drinking on the face is said to be acetaldehyde poisoning, and acetaldehyde is recognized as a carcinogen. Such people, if they drink for a long time, are 10 times more likely to get cancer than those who don't blush.