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How to reduce fever quickly in children

How to reduce fever quickly in children Children's fever is the most common disease. How to reduce the fever for the baby at home? Every mother should have some common knowledge about how to reduce the fever. Let's see how to reduce the fever quickly with Xiaobian!

A prescription for children's rapid fever relief

1. External prescription for children's rapid fever relief

1.1 hot towel application method: when the cold starts, and the nose is runny, put the clean towel into the boiling water basin, take out a little cold and apply it on the head. Generally, it is better to apply the hot towel for 10 minutes before going to bed late.

1.2. Steam inhalation method: fill the hot water bottle with boiling water, place the nostril above the hot water bottle, take a deep breath for 10-15 minutes, inhale the steam once a day.

1.3 vinegar fumigation method: take 200-400ml vinegar, put it on the stove, close the doors and windows, fumigate for half an hour to one hour, which can effectively prevent and cure the cold.

2. Diet therapy for children's rapid fever reduction

2.1 hot ginger sugar water: the brown sugar water boiled with ginger can play a role in expelling cold, so when you have a fever, mom may as well try it.

2.2 hot ginger Cola: Cola is a drink that our modern young people often drink. However, it is not only a kind of drink. It can be boiled together with ginger slices to drink, which can dispel cold and fever. It is a good way to reduce fever for children with fever.

2.3. Ginger tea drinking therapy: take ginger and tea and make tea or soup. Continuous administration for 3 days can reduce cold symptoms and shorten the course of disease. It is better to add brown sugar.

3. Tea therapy for children's rapid fever reduction

3.1 chrysanthemum tea: chrysanthemum has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. When you have a fever, you can make a pot of tea with chrysanthemum that is in the blooming period, which can warm your body and eliminate the heat poison in your body. Therefore, for patients with fever who have chilly symptoms, a pot of hot chrysanthemum tea can play a very good role in reducing fever and temperature. Mom might as well give the baby a try.

3.2. Herbal tea to help reduce fever: when you have a fever, you can also try some herbal tea, such as thyme, chamomile and other Chinese herbal medicines with bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and sweating effects. Use them to make hot tea and drink it while it is hot. It has a good effect on reducing fever and heat dissipation.

How to reduce fever in children

1. Maintain the air circulation in the home: if there is air conditioner in the home, keep the room temperature between 25-27 ℃. Children can be placed in an air-conditioned room or blown around with an electric fan, so that the temperature drops slowly, so that children will feel more comfortable. But if its limbs are cold and shivering, it means that it needs to be warm, so it needs to be covered with a blanket.

2. Take off too much clothes: if the baby's limbs and hands and feet are warm and sweating, it means that he needs to cool down, so he can wear less clothes.

3. Warm water swab bath: untie the baby's clothes, rub the baby's body up and down with warm water (37 ℃) towel, so that the blood vessels of the baby's skin can expand and release the body air. In addition, when the water vapor evaporates from the body surface, it will absorb the body heat.

4. Use antipyretic stickers: it is helpful for heat dissipation, but it is not recommended for smaller children. Because children are not easy to rotate their bodies, ice pillows are easy to cause local supercooling or hypothermia. It is also OK to use the decal. When the water in the glue of the decal vaporizes, it can take away the heat without over cooling.

5. Drink more water: to help sweating and prevent dehydration. Water has the function of regulating temperature, reducing body temperature and replenishing water loss in baby.

What should children pay attention to when taking medicine for fever

1. Pay attention to medication measurement: for infants before the age of 1, it is better to use drops, because the drops are small in concentration and irritation. The dosage of the drops should be selected according to the weight. Generally, 6-11 months old infants, corresponding to the weight of 5.5-8 kg, use 1 dropper of antipyretic. Infants aged 12-23 months, weighing about 8.1-12 kg, eat 1.5 dropper.

For children over 2 years old, it is better to take the antipyretic medicine of oral liquid. The older children can use tablets, which are like biscuits with fruit flavor. Children will not refuse to take them. In addition, aspirin, paracetamol and other antipyretics are more irritating and side effects for children. Indomethacin (indomethacin) drugs are more irritating to the stomach, which is not recommended.

2. Pay attention to medication time: in the process of medication, parents should pay attention not to take too long for their children to take one kind of antipyretics, and it's better to use another kind of drugs when the fever exceeds two days. Take Tylenol and bupropion no more than four times a day, with a minimum interval of four hours.