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What do you eat in summer? What do you eat in summer

Heat treatment is the first solar term after the beginning of autumn. After heat treatment, it will slowly enter into autumn. The temperature will be cooler in the morning and evening. At this time, we should pay attention to health preservation. So how to keep healthy after summer heat? What is the traditional diet in our country? Let's have a look.

What to eat in summer

Summer, on August 23 or 24 of each year, when the sun reaches 150 degrees. Heat treatment means that the hot summer is coming to an end. At this time, although the weather turns cold, it is still very hot around noon, no less than the summer season, which is often said as "autumn tiger, poisonous tiger". The summer season is in the alternate period from hot to cool. The weather is changeable. It has just entered the 'eventful autumn' from the hot and intolerable summer. Therefore, we should pay special attention to health preservation.


Tremella can moisten the lung, relieve cough, promote body fluid and nourish yin. It can also eliminate muscle fatigue, strengthen the brain and prevent senility. First, wash the tremella and put it into a casserole until it is thick and soft. Then wash the tomatoes and mash them. Then put them into the tremella soup and boil them. Add some ice sugar to taste.


Summer is the season to eat pomegranate. The content of vitamin C and vitamin E in pomegranate was higher than that in apple and pear. Red peel pomegranate has high vitamin C and green peel pomegranate has high vitamin E. Pomegranate is warm, sweet, sour and astringent. It has the functions of promoting body fluid and relieving thirst, killing insects and dysentery. Pomegranate can be eaten directly, and can also be juiced for drinking.


Heat treatment is the mature season of corn. Lysine in fresh corn is an essential amino acid for human body, which can only be taken from food, while the content in other foods is very little. Therefore, fresh corn is one of the main sources of lysine.


Yam can clear the heart and calm the nerves, invigorate the middle and Qi, help the five internal organs, strengthen the muscles and bones, keep the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis. Recommended way to eat: mash the cleaned yam and add sugar to make filling, and then make it into Tangyuan with glutinous rice flour for eating; it can also be used to draw silk yam; or peel it and wash it with light salt water, then cut it into small pieces, add some sweet osmanthus jam, and serve as a cold dish.


As the saying goes, 'when I see red dates in the summer, I'll get rid of them at the autumn equinox. 'the fruit of fresh jujube is sweet. Eating jujube can replenish blood, reduce blood pressure and enhance human immunity. At the same time, jujube also contains a lot of vitamins, microelements and sugars. Research shows that it has certain effect on protecting the liver and protecting the liver, calming and tranquilizing the nerves.

the lotus root

Lotus root is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and a variety of vitamins. It has the functions of clearing away heat, nourishing blood and eliminating boredom. It can cure blood deficiency and insomnia. A bowl of lotus root powder, a bowl of water into the pot, and then add a proper amount of ice sugar. When you drink tea, it can nourish your mind and calm your nerves.

From the point of view of health preservation, the solar term of summer heat treatment is suitable for eating the food of clearing away heat and calming nerves, such as tremella, lily, lotus seed, honey, yellow croaker, scallop, kelp, jellyfish, celery, spinach, glutinous rice, sesame, beans and milk, but these foods can not be eaten too much at a time, so as to eat less and eat more. With the dry climate, you can eat more yin nourishing and dry food, such as pear, ice sugar, tremella, ginseng, duck and other Yin nourishing and Tianjin food.

What traditional food to eat in summer

syrup of plum

In the 1960s and 1970s, there were tea stands selling sour plum soup on the streets of Wenzhou City. Therefore, there was a saying that "when summer comes, sour plum soup will burn down.". It's very simple to make sour plum soup. At night, soak dried plum in boiling water, and then add ice sugar. After cooking and cooling, put it into a wooden covered ice bucket to reduce its temperature. It tastes sour and sweet, sweet and slightly salty, and tastes good.

The content of organic acids in Prunus mume is very rich, which can effectively inhibit lactic acid, reduce fatigue, and remove harmful substances that aging blood vessels. Therefore, drinking sour plum soup during the summer can relieve heat and refresh the mind, stimulate body fluid and quench thirst, and rejuvenate muscle and vascular tissue. In addition, when eating more meat, drinking sour plum soup can help the body to achieve acid-base balance.

Herbal tea

Since Tang Dynasty, the custom of heat treatment and decoction of tea has prevailed. Every summer, every family has the habit of frying herbal tea. First, they go to the drugstore to prepare prescriptions, and then they fry tea at home to prepare drinks, which means that they have to eat some 'bitter' in autumn, which is quite beneficial in clearing heat, eliminating fire, eliminating food, eliminating lung heat, etc.

Before and after summer heat treatment, if you feel dry mouth and dry tongue, you can make tea with wheat winter or Dendrobium, which is dry and cold. It can help to relieve heat and nourish yin. If you drink Sydney with honey and boiled water of Sichuan shell, it can also help to dissipate phlegm, stop coughing, promote body fluid and nourish lung. It is also suitable for people with deficiency of Qi. However, we should drink less herbal tea in summer, because the heat is not serious at this time, and herbal tea is too bitter and cold, easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, but also not beneficial to the lung and kidney.

White meatball

In addition, another food that old Fuzhou ate in summer is white meatball. White balls are actually glutinous rice balls. It's very simple to knead the glutinous rice flour into a small one, boil the soup, add some sugar, taste clear and sweet, which can not only supplement carbohydrates, but also relieve the greasy taste in summer.

Glutinous rice has the effect of nourishing yin. In autumn, you can drink some glutinous rice porridge properly. Glutinous rice, sweet in taste and warm in nature, enters the spleen, kidney and lung meridians, can nourish the healthy qi of human body, and has the functions of Invigorating Qi, strengthening spleen, promoting body fluid and stopping perspiration. After eating, you will get fever all over your body, which can keep you warm and nourish you. Eat some glutinous rice food in autumn, it will have a good tonic effect on the body.


When summer is over, summer vacation is over. Old Fuzhou no longer drinks herbal tea after 'summer heat treatment', but eats more 'Invigorating Qi' and 'invigorating blood'. Old Fuzhou is used to eating longan, which is made of porridge after shelling. After heat treatment, it is necessary to enter autumn. There is a saying of "nourishing autumn" in traditional Chinese medicine, so it is reasonable to drink less herbal tea and eat more longan. At this time, we should pay attention to 'Invigorating Qi' and 'invigorating blood', and avoid cold food. At the same time, longan is warm, beneficial to the heart and spleen, Qi and blood, and has the effect of Nourishing Qi, which is beneficial to eat in this solar term. However, food therapy does not need to be too rigid, and there is no stipulation that this solar term must eat longan porridge, which many people can eat at ordinary times, which is beneficial.

Duck meat

The traditional diet of Nanjing people is to eat ducks in the summer. Ducks, especially the duck in Jiangning lake, Nanjing, are the most popular. It is reported that ducks there are sweet, cool, fat and thin. If there is no time, people in Nanjing will go to the deli to buy half a duck and go home. If there is time, people in Nanjing will stew the old duck with radish or make the braised duck pieces and give them to their neighbors. That's what the saying goes: send the duck to summer without illness.

Hangzhou people are used to dividing ducks into old duck, young duck and big duck. As far as nutrition is concerned, old duck has more lean meat, less water content, and better relative taste and nutrition. It is suitable for boiling soup to relieve summer heat, while meat duck is mostly used for roast duck, soy duck, etc. Here's a tip for how to distinguish the old duck and the young duck: the old duck's hair is generally more uniform, the mouth and feet are relatively hard, the color is yellow and black, and the bones are relatively hard to touch. In addition, the same size, the old duck is heavier than the young one.