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What age does a girl begin to have leucorrhea and leucorrhea

What age does a girl begin to have leucorrhea and leucorrhea

Sihaiwang: when girls reach a certain age, their reproductive organs will secrete leucorrhea. Many girls think that leucorrhea is unsanitary. In fact, leucorrhea is a normal physiological phenomenon of women, rich in beneficial bacteria and antibodies to the human body, and has the effect of inhibiting bacteria. In addition, leucorrhea helps women's husband and wife life, so at what age do girls begin to have leucorrhea?

Age: under normal circumstances, leucorrhea appears after adolescent girls' first menstruation when they are 15-16 years old. Leucorrhea is the symbol of menarche of menstruation.

Time: in every month, the female vagina has leucorrhea almost every day. Usually, the secretion of leucorrhea is less. Only in the ovulation period, the secretion of leucorrhea will increase. There is no leucorrhea in the 6-day menstrual period of every month. That is, there is no leucorrhea in the safe period after the end of menstruation. The closer to ovulation, the more leucorrhea there will be. There will be less leucorrhea at the end of ovulation.

Safe period: seven days before menstruation and eight days after menstruation, the probability of pregnancy is very low, contraceptive effect, so called safe period.

Ovulation period: the ovulation date of women is generally about 14-16 days before the next menstruation. Because sexual intercourse is easy to conceive in ovulation period, ovulation period is also called easy pregnancy period or dangerous period.

Leucorrhoea is found almost every day. In general, the amount of leucorrhoea will be relatively small, and there will be an obvious increase of leucorrhoea before menstruation. Leucorrhoea is a natural barrier to protect women's health. Therefore, women can roughly understand some physiological problems by understanding leucorrhoea, such as the occurrence of leucorrhoea abnormalities. It is suggested that female friends should check and receive treatment as soon as possible to avoid the occurrence of leucorrhoea The body causes great trouble.