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What's the best age for a woman to have children

What's the best age for a woman to have children there are often some seemingly reasonable chicken soup on the Internet. For example, it is best for a woman to get married and have a child at the age of 26. Many viewers who don't know the truth believe it and need to find prince charming before the age of 26. But is this true? What is the best age for a woman to have a child?

What is the best childbearing age for women?

Experts in gynecology and obstetrics in China generally believe that the best childbearing age for women is 25-30 years old. In this age group, women's fertility is the most vigorous, uterine contractility is the best, the probability of dystocia is smaller.

What's the harm of having a baby too early?

In ancient times, many women married and had children as teenagers, but in fact, it was not good for mothers and babies to have children too early. If a woman gives birth before the age of 20, she is likely to have pregnancy induced hypertension, premature delivery and other conditions, and may also have dystocia due to incomplete pelvic development.

What are the dangers of childbearing at an advanced age?

If the maternal age is too old, especially more than 35 years old to give birth, the possibility of egg cell distortion increases, so the incidence of fetal malformation increases correspondingly. According to relevant data, the incidence of children born at 25-29 years old is only 1 / 1500, 1 / 900, 1 / 300, 35-39 and 1 / 40, respectively. In addition, chromosome abnormality and congenital deficiency of physical strength and intelligence are often found in the babies born by the elderly mothers.

Therefore, it is suggested that we should have children at the best age to reduce the risk of childbearing. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with the source, the original link: )