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What are the correct ways to use the mask? 6, teach you to apply the mask correctly.

What are the correct ways to use the mask? 6, teach you to apply the mask correctly.

Sihai network: when a lot of female friends apply the mask, they will tear the mask wrapping paper directly to the face. In fact, this effect will be greatly reduced, not only wasting a mask, but also wasting valuable care time. So how to use mask correctly? Xiao Bian tells you the correct way to use the mask in six steps.

Step 1: clean your face

No matter what mask you use, you must first remove your makeup and clean your face thoroughly. Only by cleaning the dirt and grease on the surface of the pores can you make the mask essence absorb fully. When you wash your face, it is best to use warm water to clean your skin, or apply a warm towel to your face for a while, so that the pores will be opened and the mask will be used again.

Step 2: exfoliate

In order to save time, many people often apply the mask while bathing. In fact, when they are bathing, they apply the mask, which can cause skin blemish. And when you bathe and apply a mask, it's easy to forget the time. It is the best time to apply the mask at night. Night is the best time for skin to absorb nutrients and self repair, and after just taking a bath, the whole body blood circulation is accelerated, skin pores are expanded, and nutrients in the mask are more easily absorbed.

The third step: essence solution.

Next, it is still not recommended to directly paste facial mask paper or apply mask. You should first apply the skin care essence, or use muscle base fluid and moisturizing water as an introduction, adjust the skin to the best condition so that the mask will get twice the result with half the effort. According to the type of mask you use, apply the corresponding essence, such as whitening mask, apply the whitening essence, moisturize the water mask, use moisturizing essence or moisturizing water. Remember, mask is not a substitute for normal skin care products, so the skin cream, eye cream and cream can not be less.

The fourth step: use mask.

Now you can finally use the mask! Patch mask, the mask paper should be expanded, with the nose beam as the center to push around, so that the mask is smooth to the face, and the edge of the mask should be smoothed to avoid curling. Smear mask mud should be applied evenly. Dosage should follow product instructions. Not all mask is thicker and better.

Step 5: massage absorption

After exposing the mask, pat the face and massage the skin to promote the absorption of the mask essence. The extra essence can also be applied to the neck and hands. When massaging, you can massage and pull on both sides of the cheek, and press and stretch from the chin and cheekbones to the forehead. This action can prevent the skin from sagging and sagging, and can also reduce the generation of law lines.

The sixth step: emulsion lock water.

If you want the mask essence to be permeated and absorbed, you need further water locking and moisturizing. Then apply the skin cream or cream that you normally use, and let the skin water and water to sleep. Tomorrow morning, you will wake up to realize the effectiveness of the mask.