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Which income is higher, which is more secure

Which income is higher, which is more secure investment and financial management are hot topics in recent years. For many people, they don't know where to put their spare money, where to put their bank interest is low, and where to buy stocks is risky. Love money and balance treasure are popular financial management platforms at present, so which is more secure? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

1、 How to play with money?

Aiqianjin (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "aiqianjin") is a P2P platform of Pratt & Whitney financial information service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It can make investment or loan through aiqianjin platform.

The account period of aiqianjin products is relatively flexible, with product coverage from three months in the short term to more than one year. The yield is also relatively high in the industry, 8% - 9% in the short term, 12% in the long term and 5.5% in the current period.

2、 Which is better, love money and yu'ebao?

Income: at present, the expected annual income of aiqianjin is about 5.5% - 12%, which is much higher than that of yuyubao.

Security: as a P2P platform, aiqianjin still has certain risks, especially the borrower's overdue risks. Yu'ebao, as a current fund product, takes as it is deposited, so the risk is relatively small.

Background: aiqianjin is a private platform with a general background, but it has ever obtained venture capital, which is a relatively reliable platform in the industry. As a financial product of Alipay, the balance treasure is backed by a strong Alibaba group. Security needs no concern. It should be second only to the safety of banks.

To sum up, compared with yu'ebao, aiqianjin mainly has higher income than yu'ebao, good security, but slightly lower income than yu'ebao, and no flexibility of yu'ebao.