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Live video address of the opening ceremony of the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games with highlights of the op

The 18th Asian Games will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, at 8 p.m. Beijing time Tuesday. The 845 athletes of the Chinese sports delegation will compete in 38 major events and 376 minor events in addition to kabadi and weightlifting. So, where can I see the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Jakarta Asian Games? Let's have a look!

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Highlights of the opening ceremony of the Asian Games:

The opening ceremony is coming soon, and the venue has stepped up its commissioning

In recent years, Jakarta has held many regional international sports events, so all kinds of sports facilities are relatively complete. Most of the venues of this Asian Games are also based on the renovation and reconstruction of the old venues.

Among these venues, there are mainly two venues, the No. 1 venue group is near the pengano Sports Center, with 20 competition venues and 9 training venues. The No. 2 venue cluster is dominated by Jakarta International Exhibition Center, with 21 competition venues and 8 training venues.

Pungano sports center is the main venue of the fourth Asian Games held in Jakarta in 1962. It will also undertake the opening and closing ceremonies of the games. Before the games, the venue has been updated with about 76000 individual seats.

However, some venues are not fully ready, and the final commissioning is being stepped up. It is reported that due to the reasons of material, technology and arrangement, the Taekwondo Hall of Jakarta Convention Center and the martial arts hall of Jakarta National Exhibition Center are carrying out the final lighting and venue debugging, among which the latter is the competition venue that may produce the first gold medal of this competition.

Ethnic customs, the opening ceremony is expected

The torch of the Asian Games arrived in Jakarta on the 15th and began to be delivered, with the participation of Chinese athlete Zhang Peimeng. On the night of 18th, the flame will shine in the night sky of pungano stadium.

On the day of the torch's arrival in Jakarta, local children came to greet it in traditional costumes. In the process of transmission, the local people dressed in national costumes warmly welcomed the torch wherever it went. It also makes people look forward to how the final flame will be lit and how the opening ceremony will be performed. The Indonesian organizing committee promised that the audience would see a "absolutely wonderful, absolutely spectacular" performance.

According to the rehearsal photos of the opening ceremony exposed on social media a few days ago, hundreds of actors were dancing with blue cloth, and there were actors dressed in traditional Indonesian costumes beside them, like performing programs with local traditional characteristics.

The theme of this opening ceremony is' feel the power of Asia '. The organizing committee has built a 120 meter long, 30 meter wide and 26 meter high 'giant stage' in the pungano stadium, on which not only small 'mountains' have been built, but also local plants of Indonesia have been planted, which is spectacular. It also makes people look forward to the innovation and highlights of the opening ceremony and the ignition ceremony.

Analysis of highlights of Jakarta Asian Games:

If the most 'Geely' Olympic Games are the Beijing Olympic Games (opening at 8:00 p.m. on August 8, 2008), then the most 'Geely' Asian Games are the Jakarta Asian Games. The opening ceremony will be held at 8:00 p.m. on August 18, 2018 (it seems that Indonesians also like the number 8).

In addition, the following figures will be mentioned repeatedly during the Asian Games:

◆ the Asian Games will open on August 18 and close on September 2 for 16 days;

◆ this Asian Games will produce 465 gold medals, the second most in the history of the Asian Games, second only to the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games;

◆ the most gold medals will be produced on August 23, with 44; on September 1, the day before the closing, 43 gold medals will be produced, among which many team finals such as men's basketball, men's football and women's volleyball will be launched on September 1, which is the most concerned competition day;

◆ 45 Asian countries and regions participated;

A total of 845 Chinese athletes will participate in the Jakarta Asian Games, and the Chinese delegation will attack 376 gold medals;

◆ among the 845 Chinese athletes, there are 98 athletes in Guangdong, ranking first in China;

◆ the average age of 845 Chinese athletes is 24.4 years old, including Zhu Aiping, a 61 year old bridge player, Wang Yichun, a swimmer, and Zhu Aiping, a 13-year-old swimmer;

◆ of the 845 Chinese athletes, only 214 have participated in the Olympic Games or the Asian Games, and the rest 631 have not participated in the comprehensive international competition, accounting for 74.6% of the new athletes;

◆ among the 845 Chinese athletes, there are 19 Olympic champions, who are from 7 sports such as cycling, taekwondo, trampoline, swimming, diving, volleyball and badminton. Lin Dan, Sun Yang and Zhu Ting are the most famous, and Chen Eisen is the only Olympic champion from Guangdong;