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Is the heart Master 2 Su Tao's father dead? What's the matter with Su Tao's father?

No heart Master 2 is playing hot, the heroine is simply a tragic pronoun. The story just started, the family was destroyed by the regiment, and it was extremely tragic. But in the latest episode of the notice, it was discovered that the father of Suu Tao's father was not dead. What's the matter?

No heart Master 2 is sudie father dead?

Read the plot of the first episode of "no heart Master 2", and know that the home of the female Suu Tao was washed by blood, and the whole family was killed. Then inadvertently and sudao began to find out the whereabouts of the murderer. Who is the murderer? However, things have changed. Sudao saw sudao's father again when he was looking for the murderer. What is the situation? Why can the dead be resurrected? It is because sudao saw that his father is not dead that he must find his father.

I didn't know that Su Tao's father had been dead for a long time. Now the man in front of me is changed by evil spirits. The master behind the evil spirits is to kill the murderers of Su's family. Inadvertently, Su Tao didn't know this, and then they misunderstood each other because of this.

Why did Su Tao misunderstand her

Su Tao is excited to see that her father is not dead, so she doesn't want to go back to her father's arms. She just wants to get the bronze mirror in Su Tao's hand. In order to make su Tao believe that he used his own blood to attack Su Tao's father, Su Tao's father began to smoke black on his face, which was obviously the sign of evil and hurt, but Su Tao thought that unintentional hurt her father. At last, the two people misunderstood this matter!

In fact, Su Tao's father is dead. Bai Chuanlin, the yin-yang teacher, wants to use Su Tao's mentality of thinking about his father to destroy the relationship between the two people. In the end, does Su Tao reconcile with Wu Xin, and whether the evil spirit pretending to be su Tao's father is killed by Wu Xin? More plots will be updated next week!