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When should I take the emergency contraceptive? Which brand is better

When you are passionate about it, you don't use contraceptives. Of course, you need to find a way to remedy it afterwards. Emergency contraceptives will be the first choice for many women. When and how do you take them? Which brand of emergency contraceptive is better? Let's have a look!

When does emergency contraceptive take effect?

Emergency contraceptive is a kind of contraceptive method used to prevent pregnancy in a period of time after unprotected sexual life or contraceptive failure. Women who have had unprotected sex due to accidental injury or other reasons, or who have failed to use contraception, such as condom breakage, slippage and miscalculation of safety period, may consider taking emergency contraception. It is effective within 72 hours after the sex. If they have sex again during the medication, the time should be recalculated. After excluding pregnancy, healthy women of childbearing age should use it within 72-120 hours after sexual life. The earlier they take it, the better the effect. Failure rate is higher when they take it more than 72 hours.

One of the commonly used drugs in emergency contraceptives is progesterone, which is composed of levonorgestrel, all of which are over-the-counter drugs. This kind of medicine is represented by xinsnuo dropping pill and Yuting. Each pill contains 0.75 mg of levonorgestrel. Within 72 hours of unprotected sexual life or contraceptive failure, two pills are taken orally at a time; or one pill is taken for the first time, and the second pill is taken at 12 hours interval. The earlier the drug is taken, the better the effect of pregnancy prevention is. There is no need to fast before and after taking it. Another kind of emergency contraceptive is anti progesterone, the most commonly used is post Dino. In addition, there are smian tablets, Biyun capsules, Huadian tablets, etc. the effective ingredients are mifepristone, all prescription drugs. There are also 25 mg specifications. This kind of medicine only needs to take one tablet, before and after taking the medicine 2 hours fast, after taking the medicine the pregnancy probability may reduce to 1.4%, the side effect is few, the side effect is big. Individuals have periods that change. If vomiting occurs within two hours after taking the medicine, if the medicine is vomited out, it is necessary to take the same dose of medicine once.

The first pill is usually taken within 72 hours after sex, and another pill is taken 12 hours later. The earlier the pill is taken, the better the effect. It should be noted that when taking the medicine, you should generally take it on an empty stomach or do not eat for two hours after taking it, which will not affect the efficacy.

What brand of emergency contraceptive is good?

First of all, I'd like to introduce to you a brand of emergency contraceptive: Yuting, whose professional name is levonorgestrel. This kind of emergency contraceptive is easy to use and has obvious contraceptive effect. Take it correctly. The contraceptive effectiveness is 85%, and the price is affordable. The market price is only 12.9 yuan. The method of administration is relatively simple. Within 72 hours of unprotected sexual life or contraceptive failure, the earlier the medication is taken, the better the effect of pregnancy prevention is. Take two tablets at a time; or take one tablet for the first time, and take the second tablet 12 hours apart.

Secondly, Xiaobian would like to introduce a brand that everyone thinks is easy to use: Ma Fulong. This is a compound oral contraceptive, which can play a role of rapid and short-term contraceptive. The contraceptive mechanism is to significantly inhibit ovulation and prevent the implantation of pregnant eggs, increase the viscosity of cervical fluid, increase the penetration resistance of sperm, so as to play a role of quick contraceptive.

In a word, which brand of the emergency contraceptive is good should be determined according to the actual situation of the individual. In addition, female friends can help the contraceptive to play a more effective role by taking it correctly at the right time.

Side effects of emergency contraceptives

When you go into the drugstore to buy emergency contraceptives, you worry about their side effects on your body. In fact, we all know that the medicine is three toxic, especially the emergency contraceptive, we should take it carefully. At present, it is worrying that many people are not clear about the side effects of the emergency contraceptive, and even some people are using the emergency contraceptive as a routine contraceptive method. For their own health, girls must learn more about contraception, the sooner the better.

Emergency contraceptives can only be taken once a month. Taking them many times will lead to menstrual disorders and have an impact on health. Side effects are more obvious, often nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, fatigue, breast swelling, bleeding, menstrual delay and so on. Emergency contraceptives may cause endometrial hypoplasia and insufficient secretion of glands, so the endometrium can not grow normally and become thinner, resulting in decreased menstrual volume. Some women do not have retreating bleeding after stopping the pill due to the excessive inhibition of the contraceptive. Of course, if the amount of bleeding is similar to the amount of normal menstruation, it can be regarded as a menstruation, which is a normal phenomenon, without worry, and can recover by themselves. However, if taken repeatedly in a short period of time, it may cause menstrual disorder and reduce the success rate of contraception.