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Does darling have side effect to drink Merrill Lynch as soon as have a fever? What does common fever

for children under three years old, the most frequent disease is fever. Many parents will choose to give their children Merrill Lynch when they have a fever, which is the ibuprofen we often see. Ibuprofen has a good effect in reducing fever, but if they drink regularly, will there be any side effects on their baby's body?


Usage: it can be used for infantile fever abatement and relieve mild headache, sore throat and toothache caused by cold and flu. According to the weight of 5-10mg once, it can be reused every 6-8 hours if necessary, no more than 4 times every 24 hours.

Advantages: it and acetaminophen are two antipyretics recommended by the World Health Organization, and they are also relatively safe antipyretics. Its advantage is that the fever is stable and lasting, and the average time to control the fever is about 6 hours, up to 8 hours. Moreover, it is better than acetaminophen in the effect of high fever over 39 ℃.

Disadvantages: mild gastrointestinal discomfort, occasional skin rash and tinnitus, headache, influence on coagulation function and elevation of transferase, etc., as well as reports of gastrointestinal bleeding and aggravation of ulcer. It has also been reported that under the condition of dehydration, low blood volume and low cardiac output, it occasionally has reversible renal injury, and overdose may have side effects such as central nervous system inhibition and epilepsy. So it is usually used for children over 3 years old with high fever.

The best method of physical cooling

In addition to medicine to reduce fever, some physical methods can also help children with fever to cool down. The physical cooling methods commonly used in families generally include alcohol bath, ice pillow bath or warm water bath. Which method is the most suitable for babies?

Alcohol bath is a commonly used method to reduce fever before, but it is not recommended to use this method for baby now. Wiping baby's body with alcohol will cause fast relaxation and contraction of baby's skin, stimulate baby greatly, and may cause alcohol poisoning for baby.

Many parents often use ice pillow or ice on their forehead to reduce fever. But children within six months should not use this method, because the baby is easily affected by the external temperature, using ice pillow will cause the temperature to drop too fast, making it difficult for the baby to adapt. In addition, when the baby has a fever, the temperature of the whole body will rise, and the local ice compress can only have the local cooling effect, which is not as good as wiping the baby's whole body with warm water.

Warm water bath is to use a warm water towel of about 37 ℃ to wipe children's limbs, chest and back. So that the skin temperature (about 39 ℃) gradually reduced, so that the baby feel more comfortable. At this time, you can use a cool towel (about 25 ℃) to wipe your forehead and face. It should be noted that when these cooling treatments are carried out, if the child has so-called cold reactions such as cold hands and feet, shaking all over the body, purple lips, etc., stop immediately. Why? When the source of disease invades the human body, the body temperature should rise to a corresponding temperature, which is the set temperature. Lowering the set temperature is the key to reducing fever in children. Because if the set temperature is not changed, the body will still activate heat production to achieve the target body temperature. At this time, use cold water to bathe the child and try to reduce the fever through heat dissipation, which is not only ineffective, but also makes the child shiver and shiver, which is very painful. Therefore, you must first use antipyretic drugs to reduce the set temperature, and then assist with physical heat dissipation, so that the temperature will really drop.

Wear more or less

After the baby has a fever, there is often a question that makes the parents hesitate: whether to wear more clothes to avoid shivering or to take off clothes to help cool the fever? In fact, the process of adding and subtracting clothes should be coordinated with the fever. When the set temperature rises and the temperature starts to rise, the child will feel cold. At this time, a long sleeved and breathable thin shirt should be added. At the same time, antipyretics can be given. Half an hour after taking the medicine, the efficacy starts to play, the set temperature is lowered, the body starts to cool down, the child will sweat and feel hot, at this time, you should reduce the clothes, or use warm water to wipe the bath to help reduce the fever.