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How to express your love on the seventh day of 2018

Tanabata is not only a traditional festival in China, but also a Valentine's day in China. It's a romantic festival full of mythological color. In such a festival, it's a very good opportunity to express love to the girl you like. So how to express love? How to publish a white message? Let's have a look!

1. Love is the waiting of the Cowherd and the weaver girl, the long cycle, the faithful. Love is your and my continuous missing, happy hug, sweet language. Tanabata, the anniversary of love, love you forever, dear, happy Tanabata!

2. I have chosen you in thousands of numbers, today in thousands of days, and this sentence in thousands of words: Happy Valentine's Day!

3. Magpie bridge is the legend of galaxy, you are the legend in my heart. Romantic fate is God's arrangement, love myth is the eternal future. Many miracles exist only when they are believed. Dear, happy Chinese Valentine's Day!

4. The stars are bright, the night is soft like water, and the Chinese Valentine's Day is like a dream. Far away the Milky Way continues the legend, little cloud carrying love. The love for you is like the sea, and the blessing for you will never change. Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!

5. A sugarcane, I want to share the sweet taste with you; a bowl of porridge, I want to taste the warm feeling with you; a blessing, I want to walk the road of life with you. Dear, love you forever!

6. If we are destined to meet again, let me smile gently at you in the next place where we meet; if fate dies, please let me remember your face again in the reincarnation three hundred years later. Dear, happy Chinese Valentine's Day!

7. I'm looking forward to being able to support and cuddle up with my loved ones when I'm covered with white hair, wrinkles and dentures, and enjoy the red roses blooming in the flower beds of the park, my wife, and love you!

8. Your photos are on my desk, looking at you in the morning, looking at you in the morning, looking at you at noon, looking at you in the afternoon, looking at you in the evening, looking at you in the evening. 'Gollum Gollum, my wife, when will dinner be served?'

9. My wife, do you remember what day tomorrow is? Guess wrong! It's not the first day to hold hands, or the first day to kiss. It's the anniversary of last Chinese Valentine's day when you sent me roses!

10. Milky way water, surging waves, nine days Xuanyu is particularly enchanting. Amorous people, gather magpie bridge, the land of eight wastelands is touched by heartbeat. Send blessings, quiet, a sincere to you, Chinese Valentine's Day wish you: sweet, happy and carefree!

11. On behalf of Nuwa, Chang'e, Yuelao, Wangmu, Niulang and Zhinu, I would like to extend my holiday greetings to the talented and beautiful people on the Chinese Valentine's day. I wish all lovers a happy ending! Don't be discouraged if there are left men and women, as the old saying goes: the left are the king!

12. The moon old sends fortune charms! The single receives the fate, the lover receives the love field, the married receives the family happiness! Wishes you happy Chinese Valentine's Day!

13. Between sincerity, you and I know each other; between spirit and rhinoceros, you and I stay together day and night; between treasure, you and I know true love; between life, you and I learn to share; let's join hands on Qixi Valentine's day and imagine a happy life in the future.

14. Chinese Valentine's Day confession strategy: take a magpie hair, shake it, pray for love, love her infatuation and never fall down; find a branch, the Milky way, ask her to jump together, and stay together until old. I wish you success!

15. Take a bullwhip as a flower, and the cowherd will give her the true love; the weaver girl will praise her beauty, and the lovesickness words will be meat and hemp; send her a lot of gentleness, and kiss her cheek by the way; romantic dating is picturesque, and I wish you a happy Chinese Valentine's day!

16. Niulang said to Zhinv: I just called you yesterday, and I have to meet you today. Zhinv said to Niulang: keep your voice down, magpie has set up the bridge, and we can save some phone bills. The magpie said: shit, let's flash!

17. On the Milky way, the two love each other. They wait for each other all their lives. They are destined for each other for several generations. They hold each other's hands and shed tears. They wish each other well. They devote themselves to each other. They are happy and sweet on the Chinese Valentine's Day. A text message is very emotional.

18. Tanabata every year, and now Tanabata, SMS frequent transmission you. Magpie fairy bridge into a beautiful thing, across the galaxy is a feat. Cowherd and weaver girl, mapping you and me, love your heart no doubt. I wish you happiness in my heart.

19. To you, love lovely, love very much; look at you, beautiful, very beautiful. I'm glad to meet you in the dark and windy day, and guide me. Chinese Valentine's Day is coming. May the bright light in my heart be beautiful and moving forever.

20. The most gorgeous fireworks, but a moment; the sweetest taste, but a small; the most fervent oath, but one or two. Plain is long-term, the truth is worth having. Chinese Valentine's Day is coming. I want to give you the most sincere affection.