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August 16, 2018 stankovich Cup China Men's basketball team vs Tunisia live address and Prospect

On the evening of August 16, the Chinese men's basketball team will face Tunisia in the s Cup. In the last victory against Finland, Zhou Peng and Wu Qian, the two stars of the team's forward guard, shine. If they can continue to play normally, the men's basketball team is expected to win 2 consecutive games in the face of Tunisia, which has lost 2 consecutive games.

Live time: 19:30, August 16

Live address: :20190019

Recent situation of both parties:

The Chinese men's basketball team met the challenge of Finland in the first match of the s Cup. In the whole first half, the score of both sides was very anxious. At the end of the half, the blue team led by 4 points. In the third quarter, Finland shot many times outside the three-point line, surpassing the score with 52-47. At the end of the contest, Zhou Peng shot continuously, Tao Hanlin hit 2 + 1, Lu Wenbo got 2 penalty shots, but the Chinese team made a mistake and was forced into overtime by the opponent. In extra time, Hu Mingxuan scored 5 points to win, and finally the men's basketball team won 87-84 over Finland.

The African champion Tunis sent the quasi national first team this time. Except for the current NBA player mejeri, this is almost their strongest team in Africa in the men's basketball world preliminaries. Tunis won six consecutive games in the world preliminaries. In the first two games of this tournament, Tunisia lost 72-77 to the red team of Chinese men's basketball team and 46-73 to Croatia. Their style of play is similar to that of South Korea at its peak. They play super fast. The blue team should pay special attention to controlling the rhythm on the field.

Core points:

In addition to Wu Qian's consistent personal attack, Zhou Peng scored 22 points in the last game, and Hu Jinqiu, Hu Mingxuan, Ren Junfei and others also showed their own brilliant performances. In contrast, blue's No. 1 position is relatively weak. In addition to the occasional play of Dwight, there is a lack of reliable attack organizers. Coach Du Feng needs to continue to explore the team's backcourt 'brain'.

The men's basketball team is expected to start first:

Yu Dehao, Wu Qian, Zhou Peng, Ren Junfei, Hu Jinqiu