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What are the early symptoms of liver cancer and how to prevent it

Cancer is the most critical disease that human beings are facing. At present, there is not a drug that can completely eliminate cancer in medicine, and liver cancer is a common cancer. So what are the early symptoms of liver cancer? How can people prevent cancer? Let's get to know.

Early symptoms of liver cancer

Generally, it is a series of changes around the body, but the early characteristic changes are still very large.

1. The basic lower limbs of patients with hepatoascites will appear edema, the less serious ones will swell up near the ankle bone, the serious ones will appear edema, some of them can see water seeping out of the skin of the lower limbs, so the lower extremity edema is the pre symptoms of liver cancer.

2. The coagulation function of liver cancer patients will become poor, so there will be bleeding phenomenon when brushing teeth, and there will also be bleeding of subcutaneous tissue, which is manifested as blood stasis on the skin, and possibly bleeding of digestive system, which is manifested as blood in stool. When bleeding occurs in the body without any reason, attention should be paid.

3. If there is a problem with the liver, there will be a series of problems in many organs of the body. The digestive system is one of them. If the food you eat cannot be digested, it will cause abdominal swelling and nausea. If this situation lasts for a long time, it may be the early stage of liver cancer, or it may be caused by liver ascites.

4. Liver cancer patients will also have fever symptoms in the early stage, because the liver problems, pathological changes, low human resistance, weakened immunity, resulting in a series of problems in the corresponding organs of the body, resulting in combined infection, inflammation, resulting in fever symptoms.

5. If you don't eat a lot of high sugar, high-fat food, don't drink a lot, stick to exercise, and eliminate the possibility of suffering from some endocrine diseases, or have hyperlipidemia during the physical examination, you need to do a more systematic investigation, and it may be that liver cancer has found you.

6. With liver cancer, the resistance will be reduced. Some patients will have fever for no reason, which may be caused by the release of pyrogen into the blood circulation after tumor tissue necrosis.

7. In fact, a common blood test can detect the proportion of the number of red blood cells and white blood cells in the body. If the number of red blood cells increases in a long period of time, we should consider whether it is liver cancer.

Can liver cancer spread in the early stage

Liver cancer does not infect itself, but hepatitis does. Pay attention to prevention in daily life.

1. If there is hepatitis B, it can infect the so-called infection. In short, it means that some disease spreads from one person to another through some way. There are three conditions for infection: the source of infection, the route of transmission and the susceptible population. Clinical data show that cancer patients themselves are not the source of infection. Experts have done experiments like this. The cancer tissue taken from cancer patients is directly planted on another person and cannot survive. Although it is believed that the occurrence of some cancers is related to some viruses, such as cervical cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and leukemia, it is still not confirmed that certain cancers are caused by certain viruses.

2. Primary liver cancer is a common malignant tumor in China. About 260000 people die of liver cancer every year in the world, 42.5% of them in China. Experts say that in recent years, liver cancer has changed from an "incurable disease" to a "partially treatable disease", and the 5-year survival rate has increased from 2.6% to 20.6%.

3. If it is liver cancer evolved from hepatitis, its hepatitis virus is infectious, it can be combined with human cells in the dormant state near the oncogene, activate the oncogene, leading to the occurrence of liver cancer. But the liver cancer cell is only caused by the mutation of its own cells in his body, which will not be transmitted to other people.

4. Liver cancer is not contagious. If you have hepatitis A, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, it will be contagious. But we should avoid three ways of transmission: blood transmission, mother to child transmission and sexual transmission.

How to prevent liver cancer

1. Fast food and drink will make your intestines store some indigestible food. Bacteria will ferment these foods and produce some harmful substances in your colon. As a result, the liver becomes fat because it digests unhealthy food. The solution is to lose weight and eat more nonfat yogurt.

2. This seemingly simple action of washing hands before meals can effectively prevent the spread of hepatitis A. In addition to this, unsafe sex a is also a route of transmission.

3. Drugs such as acetaminophen, which has a byproduct called Tylenol, are active ingredients that are harmful to the body. Your body's methods to deal with them are very limited. Tylenol, which does not emit methyl, will destroy the liver cells.

4. Prevention of hepatitis: the use of hepatitis vaccine to prevent hepatitis and thus prevent liver cancer has become one of the most promising ways to prevent liver cancer, but it is estimated to take decades to see the effect. It has been proved that hepatitis B vaccine is effective in preventing hepatitis. However, from a comprehensive point of view, the prevention of HCV and HDV still needs to be considered. The prevention of viral hepatitis should pay attention to the control of other ways of transmission, such as diet, operation, blood transfusion, injection, acupuncture and haircut, etc.

5. Improve drinking water: in rural areas of high incidence areas, combined with patriotic health campaign, various measures are taken to improve drinking water environment, from drinking ditch and pond water to drinking well water, deep well water, water falling from the sky, or set up small-scale waterworks. In cities, unpolluted water sources are selected as the water sources of running water, and environmental pollution is prevented.