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What's the reason for accidentally biting your tongue when eating

I believe that many people will encounter the phenomenon of accidentally biting their tongue when they eat. It's very painful to bite your tongue. When I was a child, the old people in my family often said that they wanted to eat meat. So why do we bite our tongue when we eat? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

1. Eating without concentration: when we eat while reading, watching mobile phones, watching TV or thinking about other things, it will lead to "not focusing" in eating, which is easy to bite ourselves or eat too much carelessly. Too hot food can be the cause of tongue biting.

2. Bad tooth length: if we bite the teeth tightly, the upper teeth are usually wrapped around the lower teeth. This is because the upper arch is a larger 'horseshoe', while the lower arch is a smaller 'horseshoe'. Our tongue is protected by the "little horse's hoof". When we eat, the upper teeth are bited outside the lower teeth, and the tongue is more "safe". However, some people grow unluckily, the upper teeth bow is small, and they are very close to the tongue when they bite off, so it's easy to bite.

3. Tongue 'fat': there is a saying called 'fat bites the tongue and thin bites the cheek'. Although I don't know that thin people like to bite the cheek, fat people seem to bite the tongue for a little reason, because the tongue is too big, it is easier to be bitten. Others are born with 'fat' tongues, which extend out of their teeth when they open their mouths. 4. Missing teeth: if there are more 'missing teeth', or there are residual roots, the residual crown will bite itself. In addition, those who love to bite the cheek also have something to do with the missing teeth. Since the tongue can go to the foreign minister, the cheek can naturally go to the inside for a long time, and the cheek in the missing teeth part will come out a little more, so it will be 'repaired' by the teeth from time to time.

5. Lack of rest: when we have a 'lack of rest', the nerves can't 'control the muscles' to carry out regular' chewing activities', so we are more likely to bite the tongue and mouth when we eat.

6. Inflamed: inflamed causes' puffiness' on both sides of the teeth, so it's easy to bite yourself when eating.

7. Disease: it is normal to bite the tongue occasionally. But some people often say words, cold not Ding ground bit, two or three days, four or five days will bite. It may indicate a physical problem.

The movement of the tongue is controlled by the nervous system. If any link goes wrong, the movement of the tongue will be affected. One is that there is something wrong with the movement of the tongue; the second is that there is no sensation in the tongue and the mouth; the third is that the chewing and the movement of the tongue are out of order, so it is often bitten. Common problems may be stroke, cerebral infarction, even cerebral hemorrhage, intracranial growth, tumor.