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Is it harmful to the battery to charge the cell phone overnight

Is it harmful to the battery to charge the cell phone overnight I believe that many little friends have the habit of charging before going to bed. They start charging after playing with their mobile phones before going to bed and unplug them the next morning. Many science and technology websites popular science smartphone charging will not explode no matter how long, because it has a battery protection mechanism, full will automatically disconnect, but there are still people on the Internet who say that charging the phone for a whole night will cause great damage to the battery, so let's see what experts say.

For years, it has been said that charging your smartphone at night until the next day will damage the battery's life. Although many people do this, there are still some who warn that charging a fully charged battery will affect its capacity.

Maybe there's some truth to this worry in the smartphone battery a few years ago, but today, it's overstated.

You don't have to think too much about how to protect your smartphone battery, even if you plug it in all night.

Kyle Wiens, head of ifixit, a Californian company known for repairing and disassembling electronics, said recently: 'charging your phone all night does not reduce the battery life. This is because each lithium battery has a fixed charging cycle, which refers to the complete charging times of smart phone battery before obvious degradation. For example, if your phone uses half of its electricity, and you plug it in, half of the electricity will be charged, which takes up half of the cycle. '

Wiens continued: 'a typical smartphone has about 400 charging cycles, which helps the device last at least a year and a half. Of course, if the equipment is well maintained, it's no surprise that it's beyond this time. However, even if you plug your phone into the socket for overnight charging, it will not change the frequency of the battery cycle, and only when you use the phone will you consume the power. '

Anker, a manufacturer of battery and charger accessories, also said: 'in terms of the gradual deterioration of battery life, we must understand that mobile phone batteries are indeed aging, but overnight charging of mobile phones will not have too much obvious impact. That's because modern smartphones are designed to avoid taking in more power, not the more the better. In other words, they know when to relax. '

"As its name implies, smart phones are smart. Each unit has a built-in chip, which can prevent charging once it reaches 100% capacity. So if your phone is purchased from a certified legitimate retailer, you don't have to worry about charging your phone at all. '

"The idea that overnight charging of a mobile phone can damage battery life often comes from people's experience with old technology," Wiens said. I think the reason people feel this way is that during the day, the battery index of some mobile phones or laptops will change between 99% and 100%. This is more important than the errors that the measurement software shows you. '

But there's a potential danger in plugging your smartphone into the socket overnight, and that's the temperature. As apple warned on its website, lithium batteries used in modern smartphones can be degraded by extreme heat. So whenever you charge, it's worth noting.

According to Wiens, the most common complaint he sees about the battery life of smartphones is that people say their phones will not be charged after a certain percentage of their battery power, or will have a certain probability of direct damage and unavailability.

What these people need to do is either replace the battery, or they can try to use 0% of the device's power and recharge it, which will effectively 'recalibrate' the battery's internal counter. Nintendo recently proposed a similar approach to fix battery problems on switches.

Anyway, if your phone's power level is low before you go to bed, you can plug it into the socket and sleep in the next morning.