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Where's dad? Season six? When's the show? Where's dad? Season six? Who's the guest

"Where's dad?" has been broadcast to the sixth season this year. Where's dad? It brings us joy. It also allows us to examine our own education methods and more personal time. When will the sixth season of "where's dad" be broadcast this year? Who are the guests? Let's have a look at it first!

The long-awaited "where's dad Season 6" finally has a poster today. I've been speculating about which families will go. The poster released at present will give you the answer, old time, new journey. Can you guess when season 6 will be broadcast? Of course, this season is jointly broadcast by mango TV and iqiyi, so there's another choice.

Broadcast platform: from August 16, every Thursday at noon, mango TV iqiyi co broadcast

As the originator of the domestic variety reality show, "where's dad?" is still very popular, and when the sixth season is going to be broadcast has also become the focus of attention.

So who is on the guest list of "where is Dad Season 6" and who is the internship dad?

The guest list of "where is Dad Season 6"

Chen Xiaochun / Jasper

Yang Shuo / Yang Yuchen

Baobei / baokeai

Geng Le / Lenado

Intern Dad:

He Youjun / Li Yunxuan / Li Yuntong