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What's the best mobile phone for 3000 yuan? Recommendation of high price, high beauty and cost perfo with the efforts of domestic mobile phone manufacturers in recent years, domestic mobile phones have been recognized by the public, and 3000 yuan is also the psychological price for many friends to buy domestic phones. In the beginning of the school season, many college students are ready to change their phones, so what kind of mobile phones should 3000 yuan buy? The following editor will recommend several high value and cost-effective mobile phones to you.

Recommended product: vivo X21 screen fingerprint version

Reference price: from 3298 yuan

The vivo X21 is equipped with a 6.28-inch OLED full screen, 19:9 screen ratio and ultra narrow U-shaped slot, resulting in a screen share of up to 90.3%, and the visual effect is quite amazing. At the same time, the screen adopts P3 color management technology, which makes the color richer and more real. The fingerprint unlocking under the screen is more convenient and quick, and it will be accessible in the future. The 3D micro arc glass is selected on the back of vivo X21, which is integrated with the color technology. It is full of light and color. The hand feel and appearance are very good.

The vivo X21 screen fingerprint version is equipped with xiaolongduo 660 AIE mobile platform, 6G running memory and 128G super memory, which is enough to support its powerful artificial intelligence operation. At the same time, funtouchos 4.0, supported by Jovi artificial intelligence, provides multiple functions such as intelligent desktop and intelligent photo cleaning, which is more intelligent and understands you better. In addition, Jovi artificial intelligence game engine can open the competition mode, intelligently adjust the CPU and running memory, and also support background call, undisturbed and game keyboard, so that you can easily control the whole game.

The X21 is equipped with a new 2 & times; 12 million pixel (24 million sensitive unit) dual core camera, which adopts the dual core focusing technology of the SLR camera, with a sub image of 5 million pixels. The P3 color gamut camera is also added to make your photos more colorful and delicate. It is worth mentioning that X21 also adds 3D depth of field technology, and upgrades to face wake face recognition 2.0, which can record 1024 facial feature dimensions, which is more detailed. The dual pass camera combined with infrared fill light can use face recognition to unlock even in the dark.

Highlight: 6.28-inch full screen gives you unlimited vision. Five kinds of gorgeous color matching with 3D curved glass can satisfy you. At the same time, there is also Xiaolong multi-core neural network acceleration chip AIE with large memory, running at a high speed. In addition, the dual core camera with AI intelligent beauty, so that you can easily take a large film. Such an excellent vivo X21, you deserve it!

Recommended product: oppo R15

Reference price: from 2699 yuan

Oppo R15 is equipped with a 6.28-inch 19:9 full screen, and more than 2.4 million pixels are further extended on the front of the mobile phone, making the visual experience more comfortable. In addition, more convenient gesture operation is added to the screen, making it more convenient to use the machine. The fuselage adopts dazzle color streamer design and double-sided glass fuselage, which can present different colors in different light. This mobile phone offers several beautiful colors, such as hot red, snow white, star purple fading and Nebula special edition. It is suitable for you who are seeking high-value mobile phones.

Oppo R15 is equipped with P60 dual core artificial intelligence chip and 6GB + 128GB super large storage combination, which allows you to say goodbye to carton and enjoy a more smooth running speed. There are also new upgraded coloros 5.0 System and AI intelligent assistant, which can simplify the complexity and make your life more intelligent. In addition, R15 is equipped with 345mah large battery and vooc flash charging technology, which allows you to charge for 5 minutes and talk for 2 hours, making you wonderful without power failure.

In terms of photo taking, R15 has a front camera of 20 million, which can accurately collect 296 feature points of the face. With AI smart beauty, it can provide you with 8 million beauty schemes to create a more beautiful you. In addition, Sony's new generation of high frame rate impact sensor imx519 is adopted, and the post AI portrait mode is also equipped with the technology of double shot background virtualization, 3D portrait lighting, etc., so that you can take high-quality movies in minutes.

Highlight: super vision full screen with fashionable new color, please your eyes. In terms of shooting, the front 20 million AI intelligent beauty and the rear intelligent portrait mode make your photos amazing in the circle of friends. There is also the newly upgraded coloros 5.0 System, which provides more intelligent services. Don't miss the oppo R15 with high cost performance!

Recommended product: Meizu 16

Reference price: from 2698 yuan

Meizu 16 is equipped with a 6.0-inch screen. The left and right frames are narrow to 1.43mm, and the upper frame is only 7mm, making up 91.18% of the high screen proportion, and the overall screen is more pure. Surprisingly, Meizu 16 also perfectly combines the optical fingerprint stacking design with the AMOLED screen, making the phone as thin as 7.3mm, but it can also unlock the fingerprint under the screen. In addition, the 16th also retains the super MBACK full screen gesture, playing between fingers, and enjoying the fun of intelligence.

Meizu 16 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor, the main frequency can be as high as 2.8GhZ, equipped with the 630 generation GPU of Adreno, advanced 10nm FinFET process, more efficient power control, super strong performance. Meizu 16 has a 2.4ghz/5ghz four antenna system and an external independent signal amplifier, which greatly improves the overall download speed. At the same time, LTE 4 & times; 4mimo is additionally supported. The data network can be speeded up to 100%. Black technology makes you more shocked. In addition, Meizu 16 uses a 0.4mm thick heat sink copper tube, which is fast in heat dissipation, so that you can use your mobile phone for a long time without burning.

The 16th adopts the same camera module as the 15, with 12 million + 20 million dual cameras, f / 2.0 large aperture as the front camera, and Sony's flagship photosensitive element imx380, combined with four-axis optical anti shake and rainbow soft multi frame noise reduction technology, to make your beauty unambiguous and super textured. There are also intelligent background virtualization and rainbow soft beauty algorithm to make your selfie more outstanding. In terms of sound effect, the new generation of dual speakers and miengine 2.0 bring out the beauty of music rhythm.

Highlight: 6.0-inch Samsung AMOLED screen with ultra narrow frame, Meizu 16 is a model of comprehensive screen. There are also Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor and AI chip, which make the mobile phone run smoothly. In addition, there's 4 & times; 4 MIMO black technology to improve your Internet speed. Meizu 16 is the "king of the machine" in the 3000 price mobile phones. Friends who are interested in it should start at once.

Recommended product: nut R1

Reference price: from RMB 2999

Nut R1 is equipped with a 6.17-inch ultra-high color gamut full screen, with a resolution of 2242 & times; 1080 pixels. The front camera is placed in the middle at the top, forming a beauty tip, but it can be hidden in the front screen through software optimization. The logo of hammer technology and fingerprint identification on the back of the fuselage are integrated into one, which is more integrated and more beautiful. In addition, this mobile phone offers carbon black and pure white, with classic color matching, which can never be tired of seeing.

This so-called "next generation flagship mobile phone" nut R1 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845 flagship processor, with a single core main frequency of up to 2.8GhZ. It is equipped with the high-performance graphics processor of Adreno & Trade; 630 and the flagship image processor of spectrum & Trade; 280, as well as the AI AI engine, which can easily meet the requirements of ultra-high configuration. There are also five storage versions of 6 + 64 / 128GB, 8 + 128 / 512gb and 8 + 1t. The large capacity storage scheme of double UFS parallel connection is adopted, and the massive information is not afraid. In addition, 18W qc4 + fast wired charging technology and 10W fast wireless charging technology make you exciting.

Nut R1 is equipped with a 24 megapixel four in one front camera and 12 + 20 million rear dual cameras, with Sony imx363 flagship sensor, optical anti shake + electronic anti shake dual anti shake combination, and Qualcomm's native noise reduction algorithm to make your photos more detailed. There are also AI real-time beauty and real-time background virtualization functions, so that you can easily take higher pictures.

Highlight: the super powerful Qualcomm snapdragon 845 flagship processor, together with the Adriano 630 graphics processor and the spectrum 280 image processor, makes the nut R1 performance explosive. There are five extra large storage versions that make it easy to pack a lot of information. So powerful nut R1 is waiting for you to take home.