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How often does the air conditioner use fluorine? What is the price of adding fluorine to the air con

How often does the air conditioner use fluorine? What is the price of adding fluorine to the air conditioner we all know that when the air conditioner is short of fluorine, it needs to add fluorine to the air conditioner. How often is it correct to add fluorine to the air conditioner? Is the price of fluoride high? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

How often does the air conditioner add fluorine

Air conditioning is usually added once every 3 to 4 years. But this time is not necessarily. The air conditioner needs to add fluorine because the fluorine in the air conditioner may leak after using for a period of time, leading to the lack of refrigerant in the air conditioner, so it is necessary to add fluorine to the air conditioner at this time. As long as the fluorine in the air conditioning system pipe does not leak, the air conditioner can not need to add fluorine all the time, but in fact, many air conditioners will still have a small amount of leakage after using for a long time, So when the air conditioning refrigerant is insufficient, fluorine can be added to the air conditioning.

How much is fluorine added to air conditioner once

The fluorine price of air conditioning is different in each region. Generally, the fluorine price of hanging air conditioning is about 140 yuan, that of vertical air conditioning is about 150 yuan, and that of large central air conditioning is about 300 yuan. In addition, different prices of fluorinated stores are also different. It depends on whether you add fluorinated products in exclusive stores or in private stores. Generally, the price of fluorinated products in private stores will be lower.

Air conditioning fluorine adding procedure

1. Air conditioning fluorine is very simple, as long as you have fluorine adding equipment, you can add it yourself. If you don't have any equipment, please ask a professional person to add fluorine, because if you want to disassemble the fluorine adding equipment, you may not be able to install it back if you are not professional.

2. First, empty the fluorine in the fluorine channel. Generally, open the fluorine bottle and deflate it for five seconds.

3. Next, connect the fluorine tube. After connecting, tighten it. If there is air leakage, it will be equal to the white heater. Then start to exhaust. After exhaust, you can start to add fluorine.

4. When the air conditioner is filled with fluorine, the fluorine adding instrument will show that the refrigerant has been filled, and then the fluorine can be collected. Air conditioning fluorination must be carried out in the refrigeration state, otherwise fluorination is useless. After filling, close the valve immediately and take down the fluorine adding equipment.

5. In winter, the air conditioner cannot enter the refrigeration mode. You can use a hot towel to wrap the temperature sensor or unplug the wiring of the four-way valve to force it into the heating mode.

6. When adding fluorine, keep low pressure. After adding fluorine, cover the fluorine adding port of air conditioner. ​​​​​​