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How to hide Huawei P20 bangs

How to hide Huawei P20 bangs

Sihai network: Huawei P20 also adopts the overall screen design of Liu Hai, which attracts the attention of many friends. Of course, some friends don't know about this kind of design. They are asking Huawei how to hide the P20 Liu Haiping? For this problem, Xiaobian today brought us HUAWEI P20 hidden Liu Haiping set tutorial, after reading you will also make complaints about it?

Huawei P20 method of hiding Liu Haiping

Huawei's P20 and P20 Pro are displayed on the screen by default. However, the system has a hidden function. As long as the hidden screen is turned on, it is the same as ordinary full screen mobile phones. Let's not talk about it. Here's the tutorial.

Step 1: first enter Huawei P20 or P20 pro's' Settings', then enter 'system settings'. Then in' display area control ', change' default 'to' hide display area ', so you can hide the bangs.

After hiding the screen, can't you see that it's a comprehensive screen? A friend with obsessive-compulsive disorder will not feel uncomfortable now.