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How long does military training take for Freshmen

I'm afraid the first class for freshmen is military training. It's going to start soon. Freshmen need to do a good job of preparation before entering school. What should we pay attention to in enrollment report? How long does it take to move military training? Let's have a look!

How long is military training

The time arranged by each school is different, generally from half a month to one month.

1. In general, the military training in universities will last for about 15 days. If it is a school that pays more attention to military training, it may be extended to one month. College military training is a process of hard work, but also a process of training people. The military training of freshmen is generally carried out after the freshmen start school. Some students also choose to carry out the military training of freshmen when they are sophomores or under.

2. The military training of Freshmen in universities adopts the basic training of the army style, which basically includes simple queue practice, shouting slogans, singing, training and other forms. Among them, the formation exercise mainly includes several parts, such as standing, resting, standing, marching, turning, walking in unison, walking in unison, standing in the army position, squatting position, etc. Military training involves group cooperation, so there will be Military Boxing, military parade and singing.

3. The night before the military training, you must put these necessary items in your backpack: water, tissue paper, seat cushion, candy (to prevent hypoglycemia), band aid, sunscreen.

4. Hot weather, drink more water, must eat full, otherwise hypoglycemia, may cause heatstroke or fainting.

Notes on enrollment registration

1. Personal clothes can be prepared, with as few things as possible. Luggage is generally distributed by the school. Toiletries and daily necessities can be purchased around the school.

2. After receiving the university admission notice, determine the registration time, tuition fees, accommodation fees, etc., and prepare air tickets, tickets and related fees. Book tickets in advance so as not to delay the trip.

3. At the school check-in office, after submitting the admission notice and going through the relevant admission procedures, the school head and other staff will take you to the dormitory. At this time, before other roommates come, you can choose a bed you like first, which is the advantage of going early. After all, you usually have to live for four years.

4. After the end of the report, the terrible military training is about to start. It is necessary to have a pair of suitable shoes and prepare heatstroke prevention articles. The general military training lasts until the 11th holiday, and the study and life officially start after the 11th.