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What's the content of military training in University

Freshmen are about to start school. The first thing freshmen need to do is military training. What is the content of military training? What should girls pay attention to when they participate in military training? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

What is the content of military training in University

The training contents of many schools are basically the same, but there are mainly the following kinds.

1. Line practice is an important part of military training, which includes: standing, resting, stopping and turning, marching, walking in unison, standing, running, stepping, standing, squatting, standing, dressing, reporting, saluting, finishing, crossing, training in the middle of the night, etc. Simply put: military training is to 'stand in the military posture, take the right step, and repeat hundreds of simple actions mechanically'. The first day should be the military training mobilization oath meeting. The instructor will say that in these 15 days, you are no longer students, you are just soldiers; there are only obedience, no right to say no and other inspiring instructions.

2. In military training, the hardest subject is crawling forward, and the most attractive subject is shooting. The most popular military songs are "return from shooting", "I am a soldier", "love China". The most proud subject is' military parade ', from training class to military theory class, from team singing to team confrontation, everything is carried out in an orderly way every day, and each action reflects the cohesion of the whole team.

3. At night, someone needs to monitor the surrounding environment. When seeing some officers, they naturally salute them. They are kind enough to teach us how to sing, and tell us about their struggle history. The military training is very good, which can not only exercise your physical strength, but also make you feel warm.

4. Training of Military Boxing, creeping forward, emergency assembly, line-up exercises, team building, joint training, report performance and other subjects.

5. Conduct behavior cultivation education: abide by the one-day life system, greet teachers and teachers and other etiquette training, enter the office report and other subjects training.

Precautions for college military training girls

1. Take a tissue paper and sunscreen with you. If possible, you'd better take two bandages with you. Don't wear mobile phones. Those valuables are cumbersome when training. You can take a $10-8 with you. Because there may be people selling ice water in the training ground. At that time, the one selling ice water is God.

2. The girls who stay in the sea during military training should fasten the clips on their foreheads. When they sweat, they will stick to their foreheads. It is not only hot, but also airtight, which will stimulate their foreheads to get pimples. They should adjust their hats a little tighter. Put a tissue paper between their hats and foreheads. It's just like ordinary heart printing. Don't open it specially and fold it up. The hats will hold the paper so that sweat won't flow down It can also prevent the forehead skin from getting stuck with pimples on the inner layer of the hat all day.

3. There will be morning exercises in the morning. You can take the team back to dinner after you go out to practice. So try to set the alarm early. Eat two biscuits first to pad your stomach. Don't forget to take things when you are busy. You will get stomach ache when you do morning exercises.

4. Don't wear camouflage clothes badly because of the heat. Camouflage clothes are really thick and uncomfortable. But at least they are not afraid of being dirty by absorbing sweat and sunscreen. They are so tired that no one will feel hurt when sitting around. Moreover, they are better to bear it than being sunburned.

5. Don't think that sunscreen can only be applied once in the morning. Take it with you. Every time you have a rest, you will sweat a lot during military training. Sweat will wash the sunscreen away. Don't think about the problem of oil or oil. As long as you don't burn your face, it doesn't matter. And don't think it's OK to just paint on the face. The key is the back of the ear, including the ears, the neck, especially the back of the neck, and the forearm. Otherwise, they will be sunburned as zebras after military training.